Today, social media has become an integral part of our life and society. Since tons of information has started being spread on the internet, the positive effects of social media have become the base upon which our community is beginning to build.

Children and teens are the ones, which are reshaping the future of social media networking sites. The most significant chunk of social media users is children and teens. According to the reports, most of the teens spend an average time of eight hours on the internet every day. Most of the time they spend is on social media sites and very little time is spent focusing on learning and research work. This does not mean that there are no definite effects of social media.

The Positive Effects Of Social Media. Do They Exist?

For the past decade, social media has become a platform for youngsters to meet online and intermingle socially with each other, just as if they are in person, irrespective of the distance they are from each other. While many teens do not even know that, the internet can be used very useful other than mingling on their favorite social media platforms. They have no idea about the benefits of social media.

Use It The Right Way

No doubt, that there do exist, many of the adverse social media outcomes, which include cyber-bullying, and other dangers associated with being online. Social media can be highly used in ways that can promote the productive and positive ideas in the society. On the other hand, this kind of positive behavior can make the social media an invaluable asset for many youngsters if they dare to use it correctly. Let us go, through some of the positive effects of social media that aids the youth.


One can use social media for educating young people. Talking and advising to teens and kids individually is considered ideal, whereas social media can be utilised for the same purposes and it is highly efficient and can reach to the higher audience at the single time. People love to use YouTube for expressing their views and opinions on various topics. And through all this process, they manage to attract millions of people and climb to the highest peak of search engines regarding their views. This act leads to different companies having an interest in sponsorship of their products by displaying them in the respective videos.

Voice of Society

Social media platforms can also be used as a voice of society. Youth highly uses different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for creating a sound for such topics that are voiceless. For example, considering a case of Facebook group “Disability is not Inability” is used for spreading out the message that everyone should be treated equally and social media is a perfect platform for spreading out such messages. The voice of society can be raised and highlighted to everyone through social media very quickly.

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Social media has allowed many people to become creative and innovative. Social sites usually depend upon the participation of users in the form of content sharing. Moreover, when more and more different content is shared, it allows people to brainstorm and start thinking out of the box and ultimately leading to new content sharing. It is not only about the new content, but it is about expressing creativity of every individual.

Real World Skills

Social media has also blessed the teens with an ability to adopt different skills, which are highly essential for them to in their real life. Youngsters can interact with anyone freely and comfortably in social platforms online, and this act is likely to help them later on in the future such as workplaces. This is a result of being online and talking to various people, which belongs to different ethnicity.

Confidence And Independence

Social media has allowed many teenagers to gain more and more confidence and independence. When youngsters  engage on social networks, it turns out to be an adventure for them. This whole process is like exploring out a new place where they need to have different interpersonal and interpersonal skills to survive.

Youngsters are more flexible, and they tend to reshape their characters because of the learning environment they get. This increases their overall confidence because they want a positive online presence and thus it continues to their daily lives.


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