The global pollution index keeps seeing an increase and is in no mood to lessen its strength. People have started listing out a better alternative for their transport issues. What better alternative than switching back to human’s retro and fitness-friendly companion, BICYCLES! Let’s take a look at the leading global bike brands that are going to be in business, soon. Top 10 Global Bike Brands in 2020 10. Merida Bicycles Merida is a Taiwanese bicycle company. It consists of a wide range of designs that suit a variety of customer choices. However, Merida’s mountain bikes are the company’s best-selling type. The Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer is known for its manufacturing of the sturdiest bicycles in the modern age. Moreover, the company manages to maintain a unique style with a solid build. 9. Santa Cruz Bicycles Santa Cruz is a US-based bicycle manufacturer situated in Santa Cruz, California. It consists of around…