No matter if you are a fitness freak or a fast-food junkie, both the health extreme populace knows the importance of green tea. Due to this unusual importance, the green tea brands across the world have remained in business for a really long time now. Let’s discuss the best green tea brands present in the world today. Best Green Tea Brands Bigelow The US-based green tea brand Bigelow Tea Company is my first pick in the best brands in the world. The beverage industry is headquartered in Connecticut, USA. The company has a unique advantage over its counterparts due to the usage of Camellia Sinensis leaves for the preparation of its product. The handling of the leaves is timely and demands due diligence which is provided by Bigelow. Lipton The age-old British brand, Lipton is probably an undoubted winner for the best brand of green tea in the world. Since…