No matter if you are a fitness freak or a fast-food junkie, both the health extreme populace knows the importance of green tea. Due to this unusual importance, the green tea brands across the world have remained in business for a really long time now.

Let’s discuss the best green tea brands present in the world today.

Best Green Tea Brands


The US-based green tea brand Bigelow Tea Company is my first pick in the best brands in the world. The beverage industry is headquartered in Connecticut, USA.

The company has a unique advantage over its counterparts due to the usage of Camellia Sinensis leaves for the preparation of its product. The handling of the leaves is timely and demands due diligence which is provided by Bigelow.


The age-old British brand, Lipton is probably an undoubted winner for the best brand of green tea in the world. Since its establishment in 1890 in the United Kingdom, Lipton has always been in the best tea brands due to its premium quality products.

Lipton’s green tea has a wide range of flavors. With its refreshing aroma and mind-freshening taste, it provides the consumer with a unique experience every time.


The people of Washington should be proud to have one of the world’s finest green tea brands in their city. Tazo was founded in 1994. The beverage industry is famous for its unique blends of different flavors to create refreshing experiences.

Due to its unique recipe for blending different flavors, Tazo is able to provide many variants of green tea. Furthermore, the company is famous due to its purity of the ingredients of the product. Tazo prepares its product with the help of natural resources that enhance the quality of its product.


best green tea brands

Tetley is one of the oldest competitors in the global green tea brands market. Since its inaugural in 1837, the beverage industry has always managed to maintain its quality.

The company’s headquarter resides in England, but its reign exceeds in all of Canada, United Kingdom, and even the United States. It is the second largest green tea brand in the United States.


best green tea brands

Being formed in 1972, Snapple is now considered to be a senior member of the green tea brands competition. It is a subsidiary of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

As the legend said: Beauty lies in simplicity. The reason for Snapple’s unmatched taste lies in its ingredients. They are completely natural and the tea comes straight out of green and black tea leaves.


best green tea brands

All tea lovers can testify if this isn’t the case, but Shangri-La is one of the largest green tea brands in the United States. It provides the ultimate high-quality experience of relaxing and having a satisfactory cup of tea.

With its unusual flavors and a wide range of varieties, Shangri-La has managed to preserve its importance in the green tea business.

Shangri-La’s green tea is unique due to its unmatched flavors. The essence and the valuable aroma makes it an automatic first-choice.


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