Grind Spaces


Grind, a members only co-working space and community, is on-ground with a cool guerrilla marketing stunt these days. In order t0 communicate that the old office concept is ancient, and that its about time people start thinking progressively about the ways they work, they created a faux museum exhibit of old office equipment, on the busy sidewalks of Chicago, which is turning a lot of heads. ¬†They have placed various old office relics such as a CRT monitor, a time clock, a tie and a fax machine, to attract passer-bys attention and establish their positioning as a modern working space. The campaign is also clubbed with a promotion that invites people to take and post pictures of the exhibit on Instagram, with the hashtag #extinctoffice, giving them a chance to win a free month at Grind LaSalle. For more details, check out Grind’s website.