Pepsi Cola


We all have a distinct memory with Pepsi. Whether it’s mothers, fathers, grandparents, teenagers, children; every single one has their own memory of when they first fell in love with a Pepsi Slogan. And today we’re here to go down memory lane and see how the Pepsi generation actually started. Growing up my first hazy memory of Pepsi was Michael Jackson and the iconic Billie Jean song, rewritten for Pepsi. We all remember seeing the children’s expressions when they first saw Michael Jackson and danced the Thriller steps in the commercial. I wanted to be that kid, wearing that red jacket and all I wanted was a Pepsi at that very moment! But that’s my memory, I’m sure you all have different reminiscent moments that make you recall a Pepsi motto. The History of Pepsi and the First Pepsi Slogan Ever So what is the history of Pepsi slogans and…