It is a globally agreed upon fact that the dairy industry is a major contributor in a country’s agriculture sector. With different stages such as producing milk, processing, packing, transportation, etc. , the dairy industry is a busy field globally. Let’s have a look at the leading global milk brands (dairy brands) in the world. Top Global Milk brands Nestle Switzerland The world’s leading dairy brand is Nestle, a Swiss company situated in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. The multinational food company is famous for its variety of food products. Its products include dairy products, bottled water, baby food, tea, coffee, frozen food, pet foods, etc. The Swiss company has a wide network of production with over 400 factories spread in 196 countries. Due to this widespread network, the company is able to provide jobs to over 300,000 employees around the world. Danone France How is it possible to make a best-of…