Neutrogena Men Campaigning Against Junkfaces

Do you use the same bar of soap that has been everywhere around your body to wash your face? If you do, you’re one of the many junkfaces out there. Neutrogena Men is campaigning against all such men (25 to 35 year olds)  in Canada who have been using the same soap to wash their face and junk.    


Comprehensive Guide: What is Media Buying?

Media buying, as it may be obvious from the term, is the process of buying media exposure. Businesses, non-profits, individuals and even politicians, can all buy a share of media exposure in the form of advertising. This media exposure can then be used to market products or to create awareness about a cause; or whatever business objective needs to be achieved. But before going into


19 Creative Outdoor Advertising Ideas by Science World

Have you been looking for creative outdoor advertising ideas and have exhausted all your brain cells doing that? Well, you might have been looking in the wrong places. If that’s the case, you might be one of those advertisers who often keep looking for creative outdoor solutions, but ignore creativity within the delivery of creative. You need to understand that advertising is all about


Vittel’s Refresh Cap Reminds You To Drink Water

Vittel launched an innovative bottle cap for their water bottles to remind people to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water every day – Vittel Refresh Cap. This creative idea comes in form of a pop up flag and timer built into the cap. A timer starts automatically when a person twists the cap to close the bottle. The campaign was launched in France


Galaxy11 Gear Up for Football World Cup 2014

Despite the fact that I love star-studded football commercials before every Football World Cup, the Galaxy11: Training spot is a disappointment. It’s quite dragged, has a very weak story-line and is an overkill. Though they did a good job in trying to build the campaign up since last year, and it generated the desired interest from the audiences too. Following is a quick


Camera Frame Installation by Canon in Amsterdam

A very straightforward camera frame installation in Amsterdam by Canon, is going to gain a lot of social eye-balls online, on-ground as well as in tourists’ photo memories. Makes us wonder why no one else every thought of that? Or maybe it was too simple an execution for many.    


Beck’s Awesome Playable Music Posters

Beck’s, a beer brand, used conductive ink to create interactive posters and connected them with speakers, so people could create their own music. The posters were installed outdoors on busy streets, for maximum visibility and engagement. Interactive music posters? That’s what we call creative media first execution.


Rain for Sale Campaign by The Coca Cola Company

How to solve the water problem in Lloro, Colombia, which is the rainiest town in the world; a town that has everything but no drinking water? The Coca Cola Company and Ogilvy Colombia joined hands and contacted the mayor in Lloro to solve their problem. They engaged the population in a simple, yet powerful, idea to help them buy drinking