Today, business owners and organizations can benefit from a plethora of different types of advertising. You can easily choose the best type according to your brand, target audience and objectives. In this detailed guide, we’ll be walking you through different types of advertisements.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is paid promotion of products and services using various channels. Not only does it build brand identity but it also bridges the gap between potential consumers and brands. Today, advertising has become an integral element in the corporate world which is why companies spend a considerable amount of resources in advertising goods and services.

Different Types of Advertising

There are many different types of advertising, some of the most popular ones include:

Traditional Types of Advertising

As the name suggests, this category includes some of the most traditional types of advertisements including:

Print Advertising

This is perhaps one of the oldest mediums of advertising. People have been advertising products using magazines and newspapers for decades now. Advertisers can also use print media for printing fliers, promotional brochures and much more.

The price of print ads typically depends on the quality of the newspaper, circulation, readership and the size of the ad.

Billboard Advertising

How many billboard advertisements can you spot on your way to work? Apart from television, newspapers, and magazines, companies also look for ways to advertise their products when consumers are on the move. Other outdoor advertisement methods include kiosks, trade-shows, and outdoor events.

Because of its effectiveness, billboard advertisements are fairly popular. In fact, advertisers have started to use this new technique called mobile billboards. This is a relatively newer form of advertisement involves displaying a large billboard on a truck or on the back of a van which moves around the city to attract consumers.

Radio Advertising

This is perhaps one of the oldest forms of advertising. As radio started to become more popular, companies began to realize its potential to advertise goods in addition to traditional newspaper ads and pamphlets.

Even today, radio is considered as among the most prevalent avenues of communication which is why some brands opt for radio advertising.

Television Advertising

Television is undisputedly considered as the king of advertising. Even after all these years, television ranks as one of the most sought out modes of advertisements in the 21st century. And because its effectiveness, television advertising is also among the priciest.

Jingles and high-quality graphics are often used to make these ads more attractive to consumers. Why else do you think people enjoy watching Cap’n Crunch commercials?

Modern Types of Advertising

In this section, we’ll be discussing a few, relatively new avenues of advertisements. Some of the most popular types include:

Online Advertising

With the rapid growth of internet users, online advertisements are undoubtedly the fastest growing mediums of all time. Brands are hopping aboard this new trend as online advertisements allows advertisers to gain feedback in a matter of minutes.

Advertisers can choose from a number of options including Google Adsense, Google Adwords, and video advertising. Google Adsense provides users the ability to place ads on websites whereas Adwords allows individuals to purchase ads that appear alongside Google search engine results. Alternatively, you can also use video advertising or banner advertising to target more consumers.

Covert Advertising

Ever watched a movie to find the lead actor using a MacBook? Well, that’s definitely not an unlikely sight anymore. Covert advertising uses media and entertainment channels to subtly showcase products or a particular brand. Advertisers can opt for channels such as movies, TV shows or even sports.

So the next time you’re watching a movie, play close attention for you may be missing out some ads in the background. For instance, Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report owned a phone that was clearly Nokia.

User-Generated Advertising

This a relatively new kind of advertising. As the name indicates, user-generated advertisement allows consumers to create their own ads for a particular brand. This was practiced by PepsiCo for during the Super Bowl for its Doritos brand. Unlike other types of advertisements, this one isn’t too pricey and allows brands to create a lot of publicity via word-of-mouth.


Surrogate Advertising

Ever wonder why you don’t see many alcohol and cigarette ads? Well, it’s primarily because the government bans the promotion of products that are injurious to health. This is why companies often have to come up with other products bearing the same brand name to indirectly advertise alcohol and cigarettes sold by the same brand.

Niche Advertising

This is among the most interesting types of advertisements because it deals with a select group of customers using tailored or custom-made ads. Internet marketing helps bridge the gap between potential consumers and these tailor-made advertisements when they search for similar terms on a particular website.

Wrapping it Up

We’re certain there are plenty more different types of advertising. Can you name a few? Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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