Gone are the days when tampon and sanitary pad ads would only promote their products through nothing more than subliminal messages, and the ‘blue liquid’ was a recurring character in all of those ads. Hello Flo, boldly and bravely breaks the trend through its recent ad, “The Camp Gyno.”

The ad features a young girl, narrating how she become a ‘camp gyno’ after getting her period at the summer camp, and thus achieving superiority over the rest of the girls, who were left wondering how the whole female menstruation cycle worked. Unfortunately, the camp gyno’s world comes tumbling down, after Hello Flo came in and took over her job, through its service of sending tampons and sanitary pads along with candies, perfectly timed along with your period cycle.

View the link above to see the advertisement. I am sure you will end up either with a dropped jaw or a fit of laughter!


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