The latest Katy Perry video for her single ‘Roar,’ stars her iPhone and the WhatsApp chat application more than her face. Actually, there is not even a single glimpse of her face throughout the video. So, most of you Katy Perry fans might get a little disappointed. However, I am sure, the WhatsApp Inc does not seem to mind, as the application has received the longest screen presence throughout the video than anything else, and that too without paying a single penny for the endorsement!

Katy Perry takes a dump while texting her song to her mates, later sheds a few calories at the gym, still WhatsApp-ing and then takes a ride around the city, still texting through the same application! Next time I hear a shouting for using my cell phone too much, I think I need to show off this Katy Perry video to prove that I am not the only one addicted to my cell phone and the chat application!


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