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According to the statistics from a research published in the journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, risk of domestic abuse rose 26% when England’s team won, and even hiked upto 38% when they lost. A very powerful campaign by Tender (a non-profit against domestic abuse), British charity for using theatre and the arts to end domestic violence. “Though research on the rise of domestic violence during the World Cup is relatively new and for lack of a better word, sparse, the trend is alarming and impossible to ignore.  The weather is getting warmer, more drinks will be consumed, emotions will be heightened, and none of this excuses violence. We ask that individuals and organisations to stand together this World Cup season and say ‘No excuses’.” – Tender You can share it with the hashtag #standupworldcup to show your support to this campaign.

Women constitute roughly about 50% of the workforce in the US, yet their representation is only 25% in STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). And though the blame is usually directed at women for not making these choices, or corporations for not creating equal opportunities for both genders, the fault truly lies in their upbringing. Verizon, in collaboration with Makers (a portal for women stories), has launched an insightful ad that showcases how parents unintentionally become overprotective and discourage their young girls to pursue science related subjects. 66% of 4th grade girls say they like science & math. But only 18% of college engineering majors are females. It’s a call to all parents to inspire the minds of their little girls to feed their intellect – #InspireHerMind.

Do you use the same bar of soap that has been everywhere around your body to wash your face? If you do, you’re one of the many junkfaces out there. Neutrogena Men is campaigning against all such men (25 to 35 year olds)  in Canada who have been using the same soap to wash their face and junk.       Where? Online and through experiential sampling events at the gyms. The campaign is co-created by DDB Toronto and Tribal Worldwide, and is backed by Ipsos Reid research that claims 72% of men admitting to the practice of Junkface, i.e. using the same bar of soap for their face and junk. Head over to

Media buying, as it may be obvious from the term, is the process of buying media exposure. Businesses, non-profits, individuals and even politicians, can all buy a share of media exposure in the form of advertising. This media exposure can then be used to market products or to create awareness about a cause; or whatever business objective needs to be achieved. But before going into details of what media buying is, we first need to understand that the term “media buying” is a very broad term to start with. However, in this detailed guide to understanding the basics of media buying, we’ve tried to explain everything related to this term in the easiest way possible. If you’re new to media buying, or had been looking for a place to understand the concept better for your business, job or academic purposes, you may be able to use this as a comprehensive guide to learn more about it. Before moving forward,…

What is guerilla marketing? We’re pretty sure you’ll find several guerilla marketing definitions out there, but if you’re looking for more clarity, you’ve landed on the right page. Guerilla marketing is another buzz word that marketers have been using a lot in recent years, and it has been building up like the viral marketing phenomenon. Guerilla Marketing can be defined as a low cost marketing strategy that disrupts the norm to drive attention and generate massive popularity for a product. As part of guerilla marketing tactics, unconventional marketing methods are used instead of regular media channels, to keep the costs low. Consumers or customers are targeted in the most unusual locations to add in the surprise and shock element. Bringing in consumer engagement as part of the campaign can be of more value, but is not required. Apart from these basic guidelines, there is no fixed pattern of doing a…

[tps_header]Motivation is vital in starting off a workout regime and that’s why we’re bringing you some kickass fitness slogans to get you moving. The importance of physical fitness cannot be neglected especially considering today’s sedentary lifestyles and food choices that people have. There is a growing need to increase physical activity to maintain a healthy life, because a fit person is enabled to live life to the fullest.  However, the 2 major problems that everyone has to deal with when starting a fitness regime, are to take that first step, and keep going. And neither of these are easy, unless we are motivated enough or someone sweet talks us into becoming goal hungry individuals. And when we say sweet talk, we actually mean hardcore motivating fitness taglines and slogans. Why? Because slogans can remind you of your goals and keep you on track. [/tps_header] Whether you’re thinking to start running, planning…

The job market is very competitive in the advertising industry, and as a job hunter one really needs to stand out on merits to fetch a job at one of the big agencies. A Romanian designer, Miruna Macri, came up with a great strategy to get her foot in the door in some of the top agencies. She designed her resume/portfolio as a passport and “lost” it at her favourite agencies in New York. The first reaction that anyone would have when they see a ‘lost’ passport is they’ll try to find out who it belongs to; and that’s a great insight used by Miruna to get noticed. The main page became her resume and the visas section was transformed to showcase her portfolio. Whoever found her passport had to return it at the given address: [Source: CGM]

Contact forms have been a necessity for websites as a gateway for visitors to reach-out to the webmaster or the website owner. For business websites, it may mean new customers or high profile business queries. But despite the importance of contact forms as a key trigger for call to action, it remains the most neglected webpage on many websites. Cool people at Singlehop are well aware of this fact and they decided to make an infographic out of all the information they had. Going through this will give you a fair idea of why you might not have been able to entice your website visitors to reach out to you via your contact form.