Interesting informative speech topics are a rare fine.

But going the extra mile with your topic search is likely to pay off. After all, stepping up to the podium can be nerve-wracking if you’re not prepared or don’t have something interesting to talk about.

To avoid setbacks, it’s essential you choose a topic you already have command over and are generally passionate about. Your enthusiasm will reel in the audience and passion will end up adding fuel to your speech.

How to choose interesting speech topics

Here are three questions you should ask yourself before selecting a killer speech topic:

How passionate am I about this topic?

It’s difficult to keep the audience hooked if you’re genuinely not interested in your topic. You’ll notice that your body language, facial expressions and eyes will all light when you’re delivering a speech on something you care about. Such energy is almost infectious and is absolutely necessary during speech delivery or verbal communication.

Am I an expert in this topic?

While it’s not necessarily to know all of the tiny details but being well informed will make your speech sound more convincing. That being said, you should also be able to convey your ideas in a concise and clear manner.

This’ll also aid you in the question and answer round after the speech.

What does my audience feel about the topic?

You don’t want to bore the people in front of you, now do you? Your audience is likely to zone out if they’re not interested in the subject. Ensure the topic is audience-appropriate. For instance, you wouldn’t want to talk about health risks of caffeine intake while addressing a bunch of coffee junkies.

Your speech must offer explicit value to the audience. That’s the only way you’ll be able to keep them engaged the whole time.

Interesting Informative Speech Topics

To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of some interesting speech topics that’ll get you going. Here are some cool ideas you can use for public speaking:

  1. How to manage personal finances
  2. The benefits of using lie detecting devices
  3. Evolution of English Language
  4. The differences in male and female communication
  5. How mental illness can effect performance at work
  6. Examining the career of a famous band/musician
  7. Discussing wedding traditions of different cultures
  8. How reality TV shows impact the audience
  9. The most dangerous jobs
  10. How to improve job satisfaction at work
  11. Early 20th film making
  12. The origins of clichés
  13. The life and death of Robin Williams
  14. Fad diets and proper nutrition
  15. Albert Einstein’s Contributions to Science
  16. How the Industrial Revolution changed the world
  17. Dream interpretation
  18. How to get over a hangover
  19. How to find your ancestors
  20. The history of the Bible
  21. How to break bad habits

Interesting Informative Speech Topics for College

College is one of the most exciting periods of your life. Here are a few speech topics that are excellent for college students who want to wow their audience.

  1. How get a student job on campus
  2. How to get through freshman year
  3. Hazing in fraternities and sororities
  4. Moving out of your dorm in to an apartment off campus
  5. How to reach out to a friend that’s struggling in college
  6. Thing to do on spring break
  7. How to make your place in college as a person of color
  8. Cool on-campus jobs that’ll help you earn a few bucks
  9. Great vacation bargains for students
  10. How to get through college as a foreign student
  11. Basics of getting a fellowship
  12. How to score the best internships
  13. Staying optimistic through college
  14. How to bag the best freebies and discounts for students
  15. How to eat healthy in college
  16. The basics of financial aid
  17. How to reach out for help when things get bad
  18. Tackling peer pressure in college
  19. How to get to know your college professor outside class
  20. The importance of support groups
  21. How to get along with your roommate
  22. How to be positive after a bad breakup

Informative Speech Ideas

Battling a writer’s block can be challenging. If you’re still having trouble coming with interesting informative speech topics, here are some ideas to work with:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Handling responsibility
  3. Importance of communication
  4. How to move to another country
  5. Finding your passion
  6. Importance of meditation
  7. New technologies
  8. Urban living
  9. Famous riots
  10. Social net Helen Keller’s Life.
  11. How does self-motivation work?
  12. Importance of discipline
  13. Natural medicines
  14. Child labor laws
  15. Overcoming conflict
  16. The Great Depression
  17. Sign language
  18. Memory loss
  19. Finding your dream job
  20. Interesting literature works
  21. Folklore

Wrapping it up

Aside from choosing some interesting informative speech topics, it all comes down to how confident you are on stage. Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind while selecting a topic for public speaking. Good luck!

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