Conflicts are a part of our daily lives. Daily, we either see many, or we are a part of them. How to solve them? Disagreements are inevitable, and they will take place no matter what happens. How about thinking of a solution to end them each time they start?

Below is a list of ten conflict resolution activities, ideas and exercises which you should be following in case you go through such a situation.

Don’t Watch The Show

90% of the times when a conflict with the physical fight occurs, 100 people are watching the show, whereas only 2 or 3 are trying to resolve it out. Don’t do this! You should be helping others so that the fight is ended and the issue can be addressed peacefully. Try to be those 2-3 responsible men instead of those 100 irresponsible people.

Reduce Misinterpreting

One of the primary reasons for conflict is mistaken for something a person said. A conflict resolution activity, in this case, is that before starting a battle or feeling that the other person has said something against you, try to ask them once. This is because someone might have misinterpreted a statement and it didn’t have the meaning which you took.

Have A Moderate Person In Between

Don’t solve conflicts by yourselves if you can’t. You will say something of your,s and the other person will say something according to his support. Have a third person sit between both the parties and give a neutral decision. This way, a conflict can be handled quietly.

Act Maturely

Instead of swearing or right away believing in what someone said to you, try to act maturely and find out the root of the problem whether or not it is there. Once you start thinking from your mind and not from the heart, you will be one step ahead of everyone in solving the conflict.

Stop Being One-Sided

Assume a person is entirely wrong, but has done one thing right. Appreciate and acknowledge that. Don’t say that since the person has done ten things wrong, his 11th is going to be wrong as well. The best conflict resolution activity is to give a neutral verdict. This way, you will gain better trust in the eyes of others as well.

Contingency Activities

In case the issue is, and it is of a potential danger to someone such as cases of bullying or harassment or unnecessary abuse, you should immediately arrange a meeting of both parties to sort out the issue. In fact, this does not go well, try involving seniors or in point; the problem is quite severe, contact the police immediately.

Find The Exaggerator

One of the best conflict resolution activities is to find out the person who has been exaggerating with the information. Most of the times, the issue isn’t that big as much the exaggerator has made it up. Find the person and keep him along with both of the parties to see who has been wrong and right. You will see that the issue wasn’t even existing, but was made.

Provide Multiple Solutions

In a conflict, you must never give a single answer because the chances are that one answer might not be acceptable to both. In such a case, provide multiple solutions and ask both of the parties to resolve by deciding on anyone. Always keep witnesses involved in case someone backs off at a later time.

No Unnecessary Favours

Plead the guilty as guilty and don’t favour anyone if they do not deserve it. Don’t support someone just because they might be of your help. Why? Because someday later, you will lose the trust of the person you recommended for and he might say believe that if you can wrongly favour one person, you can do that for many others as well. Also, this will not even resolve the conflict.

Don’t Bring In The Past

Another excellent conflict resolution activity is to not bring the past in your discussion of sorting out the issue. Stick to the point and not allow anyone to bring in history. Why? Because this way you are expanding the problem, not resolving it.


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