Yoda is known for his wisdom. And so, we’ve put together a collection of Yoda quotes and sayings that are not only applicable to the fictional universe of Star Wars, but also our lives and selves.

Wisdom comes with a combination of time, experience and exposure to a wide variety of situations. But the 2 most essential elements that enlighten true wisdom within an individual are:


  1. Willingness to ponder over why things happen the way they do
  2. Ability to detach one’s own emotional and intellectual self with the subject being pondered over


Yoda was not only fortunate to live for 900 years enabling him to gain experience and get exposure to centuries worth of wisdom, but he also attained a level of self-actualization, that he was able to differentiate between his own emotions and intellectual abilities, and the laws of the universe.

Before we take you through our large compilation of Yoda quotes, let’s find more about who he was.



Who is Yoda?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you very well know who Yoda is, and what significance he possesses in the Star Wars universe. But for those who have been living under a rock, Yoda is a Jedi Master in the Star Wars series and was created by George Lucas.

He served as a Grand Master of the Jedi Order and lived to be close to 900 years.




He first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back movie in 1980, when he begins training Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi. Tiny in size, and a member of the mysterious species, Yoda was also highly in-tune with the Force, and had superior lightsaber combat skills.

Yoda started departing his knowledge and what he has learnt once he became a Jedi Master at about a 100 years of age. And for the next 800 years or so, he passed on his wisdom to and trained about 20,000 Jedi.

But training 20,000 Jedi is not the only influence he has had in his lifetime. His achievements go far beyond the fictional realm. He became a source of inspiration, motivation, wisdom and thought provocation for innumerable amount of Star Wars fans for decades around the world.

That is why Yoda is considered legendary by the millions of Star Wars fans.

Hence, to inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of Yoda quotes that can come in handy in moments when you’re seeking to be enlightened.


58 Inspiring Yoda Quotes: Realize Your True Potential

Has it every happened that you have not pursued what you really wanted to do, just because you thought you would fail? Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons that holds people back from achieving the greatness within themselves.

This results in millions of immaterialized dreams of people who were capable, but didn’t make progress because of there fear.

Yoda has a number of quotes and sayings about fear, where he helps Luke realize his true potential.

What we need to understand deep down inside of us, is that we can’t control the outcomes of a situation. The only part we can control are the inputs.

If you get over that mental hurdle, everything in this world and beyond seems approachable. Here are list of Yoda quotes about fear, and quotes about the power of trying repetitively. Digest these quotes with an open mind, and you will truly unearth the wisdom behind them.

And not only that, you may start respecting Master Yoda even more.


  1. “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”
  2. “You must unlearn what you have learned.”
  3. “No. Not yet. One thing remains. Vader. You must confront Vader. Then, only then, a Jedi will you be. And confront him you will.”
  4.  “Train yourself to let go… of everything you fear to lose.”
  5. “Always pass on what you have learned.”
  6. “Feel the force!”
  7. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
  8. “Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind.”
  9. “Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.”
  10. “No longer certain, that one ever does win a war, I am. For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed, already lost we have. Yet, open to us a path remains. That unknown to the Sith is. Through this path, victory we may yet find. Not victory in the Clone Wars, but victory for all time.”
  11. “Remember, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware anger, fear, and aggression. The dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Luke… do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor or suffer your father’s fate you will.”
  12. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
  13. “Padawan, thousands of Jedi once there were. Then came war. In our arrogance, join the conflict swiftly we did. Fear, anger, hate. Consumed by the dark side, the Jedi were.”
  14. “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”
  15. “Hmm. Darker the coming storm grows. I fear the dark cloud of the Sith shrouds us all.”
  16. “Luke, when gone am I… the last of the Jedi will you be. Luke, the Force runs strong in your family. Pass on what you have learned, Luke. There is… another… Sky… walker.”
  17. “Ready are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained.”
  18. “Wrong? Hmm. A long time, fought I did. Consumed by fear, I was, though see it I did not.”
  19. “Patience you must have my young padawan.”
  20. “Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.”
  21. “Yes, afraid. Hmm, surprised are you? A challenge lifelong it is, not to bend fear into anger.”
  22. “A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… for the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless.”
  23. “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not.”
  24. “Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find him you will.”
  25. “Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed, that is.”
  26. “Destroy the Sith we must.”
  27. “Ahhh! Yoda’s little friend you seek!”
  28. “Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!”
  29. “Always two there are, no more, no less. A Master and an apprentice.”
  30. “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.”
  31. “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”
  32. “Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.”
  33. “May the Force be with you.”
  34. “Like fire across the galaxy, the Clone Wars spread. In league with the wicked Count Dooku, more and more planets slip. Against this threat, upon the Jedi Knights falls the duty to lead the newly formed army of the Republic. And as the heat of war grows, so, too, grows the prowess of one most gifted students of the Force.”
  35. “Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the Force.”
  36. “Happens to every guy sometimes this does”
  37. “Who’s your Jedi Master? Who’s your Jedi Master?”
  38. “Reckless he is. Matters are worse.”
  39. “Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”
  40. “Mine, or I will help you not!”
  41. “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future…”
  42. “At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was!”
  43. “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”
  44. “I was not strong enough to defeat him. Like his master before him, be destroyed, he must.”
  45. “Decide you must, how to serve them best. If you leave now, help them you could; but you would destroy all for which they have fought, and suffered.”
  46. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
  47. “Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing…”
  48. “Good relations with the Wookiees, I have.”
  49. “Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall.”
  50. “Not if anything to say about it I have”
  51. “Secret, shall I tell you? Grand Master of Jedi Order am I. Won this job in a raffle I did, think you? ‘How did you know, how did you know, Master Yoda?’ Master Yoda knows these things. His job it is.”
  52. “[Speaking about Luke and Leia Skywalker] Save them we must. They are our last hope.”
  53. “Your weapons, you will not need them.”
  54. “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hm?”
  55. “Do not assume anything Obi-Wan. Clear your mind must be if you are to discover the real villains behind this plot.”
  56. “Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.”
  57. “You will find only what you bring in.”
  58. “Already know you that which you need.”


10 Yoda Quotes: Patience is a Virtue

Patience is truly a virtue. And people who practice being patient, may seem to lose the short term battle, but they eventually win the war. Yoda’s quotes around patience convey the same message.

In different occasions throughout Star Wars, Yoda reminds his trainees and other prominent characters the importance of patience. Here are 8 quotes about patience by Yoda from the Star Wars series:

  1. Patience you must have, my young padawan.
  2. I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience.
  3. You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack.
  4. To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.
  5. Control, control, you must learn control!
  6. Reckless he is. Matters are worse.
  7. On many long journeys have I gone. And waited, too, for others to return from journeys of their own. Some return; are broken; some come back so different only their names remain.
  8. Put a shield on my saber I must.
  9. If you end your training now — if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did — you will become an agent of evil.
  10. Nothing more will I teach you today. Clear your mind of questions.


Yoda Quotes: Failure is Not the End

To most people, failure in an endeavour seems like the end. But they can never be more wrong. If an individual never fails, he never tried. And unless he never tries, he won’t succeed.

Failing at something is not the end of the world. In order to become successful, one needs to fail multiple times, over and over again. This is how the Jedi connected with the Force within them.

Even the most successful people today, failed a tons of times before getting where they are.

Here are a few of Yoda quotes about failure:

  1. [Luke Skywalker:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.
  2. The greatest teacher, failure is.
  3. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.


Yoda Quotes From The Last Jedi

Here are some impactful Yoda quotes from The Last Jedi that rekindled the love for Yoda as a Force Ghost.

  1. “Page turners, they are not.”
  2. “The greatest teacher, failure is.”
  3. “This one, a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away to the future, the horizon. Never his mind on where he was! Hmm..
  4. “What he was doing! Adventure! Heh, excitement. A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless!”
  5. “We are what they grow beyond. That is the challenge of every master.”
  6. “Heeded my words not, did you? Pass on what you have learned. Strength. Mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is. Luke, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters.”
  7. “Time it is for you to look past a pile of old books.”
  8. “Young Skywalker. Missed you, I have…”
  9. “Wisdom they held, but that library contained nothing that the girl Rey does not already possess.”


Did these Yoda quotes help inspire you to connect with the Force? May the force be with you!



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