Coke Zero Adds Zeroes to Life

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We all have seen thousands gathering around football players, cricket players and all the mainstream Television personalities and sports figures to appreciate their talents and hobbies. However, have you ever seen people stopping over for someone who loves knitting to get their autographs? Or when was the last time you saw a crowd of pumped up spectators around Pétanque players or fishermen to cheer them up as they did their jobs? I am sure you can’t think of one single instance when you witnessed that.

Well, Coke Zero made the impossible possible through its recent ad campaign, ‘Just Add Zero.’ Coke Zero asked five random people about their favourite pastimes, and asked them to film it while they enjoy doing what they love. And, then the power of ‘zero’ was added by turning 6 quiet spectators into 60, and by adding another zero to make them 600! Crazy right? In seconds these quiet and pretty ordinary people became knitting gurus, fishing kings and Pétanque masters!

Let us know if you ever underestimated the power of zero?


A Mass Communication graduate, and a wanna-be journalist! Currently living in Tanzania – Hakuna Matata!