Neutrogena Men Campaigning Against Junkfaces

Do you use the same bar of soap that has been everywhere around your body to wash your face? If you do, you’re one of the many junkfaces out there. Neutrogena Men is campaigning against all such men (25 to 35 year olds)  in Canada who have been using the same soap to wash their face and junk.   Neutrogena® MEN®-Mission Statement     Where? Online and through experiential sampling events at the gyms. The campaign is co-created by DDB Toronto and Tribal Worldwide, and is backed by Ipsos Reid research that claims 72% of men admitting to the practice of Junkface, i.e. using the same bar of soap for their face and junk. Head over to StopJunkface.ca for more information and cool statistics about the campaign. Smart move by Neutrogena Men towards category growth. Neutrogena® MEN®-JunkFace