Ever wondered how people named Katrina, Andrew, Sandy and Ivan across the world are likely to feel to have some of the most destructive hurricanes sharing the same names as they do. Hurricanes that destroyed lives, flooded cities and countries, and became a complete catastrophe are named after randomly selected human names. All these hurricanes that news telecasters talk about creating a havoc, and distressed survivors curse of ruining their lives are nothing less but names of ordinary people who possibly have nothing to do with the destructions.

350 Action, a US based environmental campaign group came up with a petition to instead name such disastrous hurricanes and natural catastrophes after the policy makers who denied climates changes altogether. The video shows how it would sound to see some of the hurricanes named after those despised policy makers like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

Watch the video and share your thoughts regarding the campaign. You can also sign the petition over here: http://www.climatenamechange.org


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