Instagram, has recently earned quite a lot popularity among online users, and thus has become a great marketing platform for companies to promote their products. Therefore, Heineken decided to make the most of this social picture website, and came up with very unique and an innovative concept to market its brand.

Unlike the usual uploading of pictures, along with the company’s hashtag, Heineken decided to interact with the social media family in a fun way, and designed a Scavenger Hunt through a new Instagram handle, @crack_the_us_open. This handle has uploaded over 200 pictures till date, each of them showing a section of audiences sitting in for the US Open Men’s Final, and you are supposed to find a person among this huge rush of people. If you find the person, you comment on the picture along with the given hashtag, and win yourself a chance to attend the US Open Men’s Final as a spectator.

What are you waiting for? Join the fun, and get the chance to win yourself a ticket to the US Open Men’s Final!

Heineken Creates Instagram Scavenger Hunt


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