It’s amazing to see how Coca Cola is picking up meaningful consumer insights and turning them into full fledged campaigns. I’ll call it smart marketing because these small things are helping the brand to establish strong bonds with its consumers at large.

Even the audiences viewing these happiness videos will eventually develop a soft corner for Coca Cola, entirely based on the respect they have for human values.

This small campaign focuses on Coca Cola giveaways that are based on the insight of “youngsters phone battery running out.” Coke gave out branded charger extensions to prolong smart phone battery lives knowing that phones are a major need for their audience. A very simple concept but amplified quite well blending it with the brand strategy.


I’m a marketing strategist by day. Marketing and strategy are 2 things that I enjoy because they give me the chance to do what I do best: think, identify opportunities, and connect the dots. By night, I love to inspire people to think big. I truly believe and advocate that every individual has the potential to go beyond what he or she thinks they’re capable of.

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