We have listed down the best brand board examples in this article to help you understand the importance of the brand board, but before moving to them – you need to understand what brand board really is! 

A brand board is very helpful to show a whole image of your brand to your client that includes your color theme, logo, tagline, and all other things. In short, this board brings all the elements in one place so that you do not have to explain everything to your client. A promising business has a stand-out brand board that delivers the brand message perfectly.

List of Brand Board Examples 2020

The importance of brand boards exceeds from just showing it to your clients, however, let’s move to show you the most amazing brand board examples that are inspiring enough to let anyone start designing their brand board today!

Coffee branding Concept

This extremely creative, simple and thoughtful design stands on top of the list of brand board examples this year.

Blooma Floral Studio

Another example of what the brand if offering with great simplicity and carefully selected color-theme. Simply beautiful!

Branding Addicts

Combined with a rich color theme and wonderful font – this board definitely grabs all the attention.

Little Yellow Leaf

Not one, but different creative elements, rich colors, and amazing designs capture the attention of anyone that lays their eyes on this board.

Raspberry – Vegan, and Organic

A patisserie that deals in organic and vegan products only – the board specifically shows the products in the board merged with a unique design.

Camellia Milk Tea on Behance

A small piece of the board, but illustrating the whole concept behind the business. Outstanding selection of colors and fonts.

Rebranding | Brand Board + Website

As a rebranding project, the designer has given the brand a fresh look through the appropriate choice of colors and fonts along with mentioning all the necessary elements on the board. It is definitely something a beginner should inspire from.

Barro Blue

Consisting of some of the elements from the branding department, this brand board is perfect to start creating your own today.

Tea Time Tale Branding and Packaging by Aryan Vijayan

This brand board is the perfect representation of the brand with so many elements in one place.

Minerals Natural Care

Eye-catching design with incredible color and font choice. The designer did a great job!

House + Hanger Brand Board

Get inspired by this board showing the perfect brand unity through the adequate choice of fonts, patterns, colors, and icons.

Amie Bakery

The designer has beautifully included a lot of elements on the board with a similar style.

Hope these brand board examples are enough to inspire you to start building a board for your own business. Take ideas and start crafting your own board today!


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