Wow Air, a budget airline from Iceland, suddenly cancelled all its flights and decided to cease operations.

Literally, thousands of passengers are stranded across the Atlantic due to the sudden closure.

This came to light through Wow Air’s website, where they asked passengers to look for flights on other airlines. Though some passengers may be eligible for compensation from the company, the notice mentioned.

“I’m very sorry about this as these are people who have supported us,” said Mogensen. “I’m disappointed not to honour our commitments.”

Skúli Mogensen, CEO, Wow Air

Wow Air’s CEO, Skúli Mogensen, said that they tried to secure investments until early Thursday to save the airline. But unfortunately, they were not able to.

Stranded Passengers are Extremely Upset About Keeping Them in the Dark

This wasn’t handled well, and the stranded passengers are not happy about this:


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