Writing, one of the purest of things in this world. Fundamentally, it has been the optimal medium of transmitting knowledge, feelings, emotions. People often regard verbal communication to be superior. However, in my opinion, it is writing that has the upper hand.

Writing styles differ from person-to-person. For instance, this same article could be written by a different writer in an extremely different tone, provided it’s original (lol).

So, this tells us that the same information can be put into words differently, that’s the power of writing. It depicts the personality of a writer and allows us to know more about the writer only on the basis of its writing style.

Now, these writing styles are differentiated on the basis of their nature of the content and the tonality of the writer.

Anywho, coming back to the topic about the different forms of writing. Mainly, there are only four categories of writing:

  1. Descriptive writing,
  2. Expository writing,
  3. Narrative writing,
  4. Persuasive writing.

However, I have expanded these four types of writing to cover the underlying types of writing too. Let’s dive into multiple forms of writing.

Forms of Writing

Creative Writing

forms of writing

One of the most difficult forms of writing is creative writing, without a doubt. While other styles of writing can be supported by some sorts of facts, representations. Creative writing is solely and wholeheartedly dependent on the art of inventing stuff.

By inventing stuff, I don’t mean gibberish. No! Creative writing demands a writer to be creative in its thoughts of creating a piece of content. This creativity can vary in its details, but it should be unique.

Descriptive Writing

forms of writing

Well, I’m sure, at least once, you must have thought of an article being excessively wordy. Descriptive writing is just that, except the wordiness is relevant and is present to support and justify the topic.

Descriptive writing requires the roles of characters, places to gel in a mental image so that it can depict its point-of-view better. Now, you must be thinking, hey that’s what narrative writing is.

Well, yes, descriptive writing is narrative writing, but a lot more detailed. The author defines the look, feel, smell, the sound of a situation to make sure you completely feel the mental image.

With the effective use of adjectives and adverbs, the author makes the mental picture ever so clear.

Expository Writing

forms of writing

This is an interesting writing style. Expository writing is an informative style of writing. Its purpose is to explain stuff, it could be an idea, a concept, a relationship, etc. Due to its explanatory style, it is mostly found in textbooks.

Expository writing uses the support of statistics, facts, graphical notations to help the reader understand. Due to its similarity, it is often confused with descriptive writing. But, the focus of expository writing on the facts rather than emotions and points of view makes it distinctive.

Narrative Writing

forms of writing

As the name suggests, narrative writing is all about a story-telling style of writing. This is one of the most common forms of writing considering that majority of the readers are a fan of story writing. However, it is equally difficult to produce.

Story writing is a difficult writing style because it demands the writer to sketch an imaginary world in the mind of the reader. The reader has to feel the story, connect to it at a realistic level, immerse in their imagination to enjoy it.

A common example of narrative writing can be Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

Objective Writing

forms of writing

If we tag objective writing as formal writing, it would not be an over-statement. It is all about stating the facts to solidify the worth of a piece of content.

Objective writing is dependent on accurate facts, evidence to support the claims and provide accurate information about the topic.

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is extremely popular in the marketing and advertising department. As the name suggests, its motive is to engage the reader and persuade them towards the content.

This form of writing is an intelligent mixture of opinion and point-of-view that imprints an image of the content. Mostly, persuasive writing is highly biased. It demands the writer to know about the opponent to engage its reader by countering its opponent, subtly and intelligently.

Review Writing

Review writing is a relatively new form of writing that has only recently caught public importance. With the recently enhanced accessibility of social media, people review everything. From food to shopping, types of books, movies, technologies, and whatnot.

Review writing is basically the style of writing that demands the writer to provide a personal and honest opinion about the concerned product/service.

Subjective Writing

This style of writing is pretty much self-explanatory. Subjective writing intelligently uses emotions, feelings, opinions to convey a message to the reader.

In this type of writing, the authenticity of the content is of less importance and personal experience, their feeling is of greater priority.

Wrapping it up

Writing can be fun, informative, expressive, subjective, objective. The art of writing has many variations and all of them have an innate sense of beauty that demands observation and recognition.

I hope you liked this heart-felt article about writing and felt connected to the content. Please let me know if you liked this article in the comments section below.


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