Let’s face it, good persuasive speech topics only leave an impact if they’re inspirational. So, how do you select a topic that’s both inspiring and interesting at the same time?

Rest assured, this blog post will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the best persuasive speech topic.

How to choose Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

Selecting the perfect speech topic can be overwhelming especially since you don’t want to bore the audience. But at the same time, you’d obviously want to speak on a subject that you genuinely care about. Here are a couple of factors you should keep in mind:

Think about the occasion

The nature of your speech will depend on the occasion so keep that in mind before selecting a topic. Will you be delivering the speech at your college or in a professional environment? If so, the topic must resonate with your professional setting.

If the occasion is celebratory or for an informal setting, you can include fun anecdotes and stories to make your speech more memorable. However, you can also use light-hearted humor if you’re about to speak in front of your teachers or co-workers. If you’re still confused, try going through a few persuasive speech examples online.

What’s your purpose?

While delivering a persuasive speech, your purpose would obviously be to persuade the audience. But depending on your topic, you may have to add relevant facts and figures. Especially if you’re discussing something that the audience doesn’t already know about.

Also, consider using rhetorical techniques to make your speech more convincing. Metaphors also work the same way and help draw audience towards the audience.

Brainstorm ideas

Don’t eliminate the idea of brainstorming even if you have a particular topic in mind. This’ll make things interesting and will provide you the opportunity to experiment with new genres. However, be sure avoid topics that might offend or bore your audience.

At the same time, steer away from topics that are too controversial in nature. Of course, your aim is to persuade the audience to agree with you but that doesn’t mean you go overboard.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics: Examples

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s discuss some great persuasive speech topics.

Here are a couple of topics that you may find interesting:

  1. Miracles do happen
  2. Why racial discrimination should be eradicated from society
  3. Assisted suicide should be made legal for the elderly
  4. Truth and politics seldom mix
  5. People get the leaders they deserve
  6. Fashion trends cripple creativity
  7. Actions speak louder than words
  8. Community service must be made compulsory for everybody
  9. Workplace socialization should be encouraged
  10. Proverbs speak the truth
  11. Humans are the primary cause of a climate change
  12. Genetically modified foods must be banned all over the world
  13. Employers should not replace employees with machines
  14. Word of mouth can never have the same impact as advertisements
  15. Why business leadership is critical to the company’s success
  16. Is Linkedin helpful in building professional connections?
  17. Watching too much news can cause depression
  18. Reality TV shows improve our understanding of psychology
  19. Colleges should encourage male students to become schoolteachers and nurses
  20. People should not be allowed to babysit without proper training

Interesting Persuasive speech topics

  1. Kids should be dealt as individual personalities
  2. Too much parental strictness can cause phobias in kids
  3. Parents should work hard to become the best role models for their kids
  4. Does listening to Mozart’s music make babies smarter?
  5. Facebook is a great tool for socialization
  6. Money is not the root of all evil
  7. Non-verbal communication has the power to covey a thousand words
  8. Slangs are likely to gradually become a part of dictionaries
  9. Cyberbullies should be punished
  10. Being a good person is an acquired skill
  11. Children should have a say in their parent’s divorce
  12. Cultural differences should be celebrated
  13. A college degree may not lead to successful employment
  14. Is graffiti gradually being accepted as a form of art?
  15. Social media profiles play an essential role in securing a job
  16. Can corporate culture affect employee’s loyalty?
  17. Companies should invest in employee training
  18. Are workplace friendships appropriate?
  19. Are innovations making us lazier?
  20. Businesses should take customer complaints more seriously

Wrapping it up

We hope you liked our selection of good persuasive speech topics. Do you have some better topics in mind? Tell us about it in the comment’s section below.


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