Do you think human cloning can do any good to the society? Have you ever thought about human cloning pros and cons?

The first-ever cloning experiment was tried on a sheep named Dolly back in 1996.

What exactly is the concept of cloning or human cloning?

It is a process that results in an identical genetic copy of a biological product such as cells, tissues, genes or entire entities. This new experiment raised up many questions about the role of God and even the quality of life. Many people feel that it causes harm, whereas; the others speak on its behalf. The truth is, just like every existing thing in this world, the method of cloning has its pros as well as cons. To find out more about it, let’s take a look at the article below.

Human Cloning Pros And Cons


Replace The Organs

Human cloning can act as a life saver. Sounds interesting right? How exactly does it save lives? You can get your organs cloned. For example, if your heart or kidney fails and you need to get it transplanted, you can just replace it with the cloned organ. Many peoples’ lives have been saved due to this.

Eliminates Defective Genes

In the coming future, the genetic illnesses could lead to higher death rates all around the world. This is because the damage to the DNA lines increase as the humans reproduce continuously. Due to the cloning of healthy human cells, the defected genes could be eliminated.

Recovery Is Faster

Have you ever faced a traumatic injury? Well, many people do, and their injuries take a lot of time to get recovered. Most of the times, recovery isn’t even possible. Cloning of your cells can help with this. As the cells get cloned, the recovery will take place faster, and the patient will notice a positive change in their affected area.

Eliminates Infertility

As many solutions deal with the issue of infertility, human cloning is one of them. It not just gives you an option of producing children, but it also gives you a chance to select the traits of your new little human being. You might be able to provide babies with certain qualities.


Might Cause Faster Aging

There is a possibility of aging faster because an older cell is used to clone a human being. The imprinted age could be placed on the embryo, creating premature aging problems and even premature deaths. Many people believe that it could also be because cloning is an artificial way of human production.

Failed Many Times

As the human DNA can be contaminated, the chances of failure are very high as they have always been. The scientists declared that 90%of human cloning attempts had been failed. This means that the human DNA puts at risk while the experiments are being performed.  They haven’t figured out what the consequences would they have to face if the cloning goes wrong. Moreover, they are sure they won’t be able to handle it.

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Against Religious Ethics

This usually comes under a controversial topic, but it’s one of the reasons that make human cloning a disadvantage. Many people who have a firm belief in religion are against this idea. Why exactly? Well, carrying out the process of human cloning means a human is creating another human and also selecting the traits the baby would have. It questions the role of God and is highly unacceptable in every religion.

Expectations Increase, Value Decrease

With the hopes of having perfect children will increase and the value of human life will decrease. How so? As the parents would have an option of cloning children, they will want perfect children and will hate the ones they have. Therefore, they will clone new human beings, giving them the ideal traits.


After reading the above points, I would like to wrap up by saying that human cloning pros and cons are numerous, but it can be used in a wrong way if people let it happen. Many points raise an eyebrow. For example, do the clones have a soul or are the humanity challenging God? If used positively, no doubt this invention can be useful for the humankind.


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