Unilever ice cream brands are known by various names in different countries around the world. A British-Dutch global FMCG / CPG giant, Unilever is the world’s 3rd largest consumer goods company (based on revenue in 2012) followed by Proctor & Gamble and Nestle.

Unilever brands list spans across a number of consumer categories including food, cleaning agents, personal care, hair care, beverages, and a lot more. These brands are very well known household names that we’ve probably seen everyday since we’ve been growing up.

Also, it is one of the best ice cream companies that has been manufacturing popular ice cream brands for a long time, and we’ve been having these for years. The Unilever top selling ice cream brands are represented by the Heartbrand logo that you can find in over 40 countries around the world.

Unilever is probably the world’s biggest ice cream manufacturer.





Heartbrand Ice Cream Names

Below is a list of the Heartbrand ice cream names, that it is known by in each country:

S. No. Heartbrand Ice Creams Country
1 Algida Ice Cream Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey
2 Bresler Chile
3 Cargills Sri Lanka
4 Eskimo Austria
5 Frigo Spain
6 Frisko Denmark
7 GB Glace Finland, Norway, Sweden
8 Glidat Stauss Israel, United States
9 Good Humor Ice Cream Canada, United States
10 HB Ireland, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
11 Helados La Fuente Colombia
12 Holanda Mexico, Central America
13 Ingman Ice Cream Nordic Countries
14 Inmarko Russia
15 Kibon Argentina, Brazil, Falkland Islands
16 Kwality Wall’s Ice Cream Bhutan, Brunei, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
17 Langnese Germany
18 Lusso Switzerland
19 Miko France
20 Napoca Romania
21 Ola Ice Cream Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa
22 Olá Cape Verde, Macau, Portugal
23 Pingüino Ecuador
24 Selecta Comoros, Philippines, Tanzania
25 Streets Australia, New Zealand
26 Swedish Glace Swedish Glace
27 Tio Rico Venezuela
28 Wall’s Ice Cream China (incl. Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom (Great Britain)




Top Ice Cream Brands Within the Unilever Ice Cream Portfolio

Till now we’ve only talked about the Unilever Heartbrand, but there are many other ice cream brands that Unilever owns. It decides to associate some of them with the Heartbrand logo, while the others maintain their own brand identities:

  1. Paddle Pop Ice Cream – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  2. Cornetto Ice Cream – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  3. Calippo – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  4. Magnum – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  5. Feast – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  6. Jet Sport – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  7. Wall’s Selection – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  8. Fruttare – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  9. Solero – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  10. Twister – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  11. Swirls – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  12. Choc Bar – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  13. Carte D’or – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  14. Creamy Delights – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  15. Cassatta – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  16. Kulfeez – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  17. Viennetta – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  18. Splice – Carries the Heartbrand logo
  19. Ben & Jerry’s
  20. Klondike
  21. Breyers Gelato / Breyers Ice Cream
  22. Popsicle


There are many more brands / name variants that Unilever uses across multiple markets, that it is hard to include each and every one of them in this post. However, this list is good enough to comprehend the size of Unilever’s global ice cream business.


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