Yours is Here – Dell‘s tagline is self-explanatory letting its customers know that whatever you are looking for, it is already here. A company, that started off as just another starting PC manufacturer, is now a global leader in the PC market.

Despite the gazillion companies competing with Dell to replace it and capture its diverse market, Dell stands alone providing premium quality products for the satisfaction of its customers.

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Let’s have a look at Dell’s Marketing Strategy.

Dell Marketing Strategy

Dell Marketing Strategy depends on the following factors:

BCG Matrix

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix is a framework for evaluation of a business’s strategic position. Majority of Dell’s products are stars. Why? This is due to the immensely tight competition in the technology industry.

The world is finding comfort in using smartphones more than the computers due to their advantage of portability. However, there still are many tech savvy people who prefer Dell’s flagship Alienware and/or XPS series.

Dell provides the facility of “Build to Order” to cater to the B2B market due to which, its Enterprise section also lies in the stars region of the BCG matrix.

Competitive Advantage

Since Dell has been in the tech market for a significant amount of time, it knows how to regulate its production effectively as compared to its counterparts. With manufacturing units in China, India, Ireland, and other emerging tech markets, Dell already has a strong hold in their domestic markets.

Competitive Analysis

It is an undeniable fact that technology is progressing at an insanely rapid pace. With the increase of such high proportions, many new players are emerging on the technology front. As a result, the competition is getting denser by the time.

Same is the case with Dell. The list of Dell’s competitors keeps on increasing with Hewlett Packard and Lenovo leading the competition. Many Chinese manufacturers are also emerging to match the quality and pricing of Dell to squeeze through the market and replace Dell.

Customer Analysis

Customer is probably the most important term in the technology marketing sector in this age. Any organization that is able to retain its customers is considered to be one of the best, considering the numerous distractions on offer (for a customer).

Dell is lucky in this factor as the experience of many years has allowed it to build a solid customer base that has an unwavering trust in Dell’s quality. It is the tech savvy youngsters and professionals that has helped Dell continue developing high-end personal computers with the widely popular ranges of Alienware and XPS being the most popular.

Distribution Strategy

In the modern era, people absolutely the services that contain the options of customization. That’s why the majority of Dell’s users prefer Dell over any other company. It provides them with the option to create customized computers following a build-to-order business model that satisfies the needs of all its customers.

Market Analysis

As I mentioned earlier, the technology sector is getting fierce in terms of competition. The tech market is loaded with a variety of organizations willing to provide cutting-edge services and high-quality products at astounding rates.

The price ranges keep clashing however it’s the product’s quality that is helping them retain customers.

Dell has some advantage as it has been in the game for a really long time. This period has allowed it to cement its reputation by providing premium quality products and services.


Due to these well-thought and intelligently organized factors, Dell has managed to stay afloat and dominant in the computer industry.

What do you guys think about Dell’s Marketing Strategy? What do they lack? Let me know what do you think about the article in the comments section below!


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