Have you ever been asked by someone to describe a list of character traits that you possess? Or may be that asked you to describe your personality in a few words?

If yes. Were you be able to do it?

It’s okay if you were not able to. Because, it can be very difficult to perceive your own list of character traits, and expressing them openly in front of the world.



Detemining the List of Character Traits that You Possess

Considering the fact that you have never really taken a personality trait test, or read about what your personality might be like, you probably rely on other’s list of character traits about you.


  • “He’s very debonair.”
  • “She can be very bossy at times.”
  • “Why is he always so uptight?”
  • “Her demeanor is so calming.”


Descriptions like these by others make our list of character traits, which is the believed to be our personality. These character traits form perceptions. And perceptions can be biased or unbiased. But mostly biased.

As the time goes by, we get to know different things about ourselves, which can be interestingly shocking at the same time. We learn about our priorities, our reactions to certain situations, and the way we socialize with the people in our surroundings.





If we start paying attention to all of these things, we would learn more about ourselves. Focusing on our actions and words would help us come up with a list of character traits, recognizing more qualities that build up our personality.

How Character Traits Evolve

Generally, one’s personality comprises of a number of monotonous patterns, emotions, characters and thoughts.

That is what makes us different from the rest of the world. It evolves from every individual, staying consistent throughout life.

Researches suggest that personalities are also an influence of one’s biological needs and processes.



List of Character & Personality Traits

Tremendous theories talk about how a person’s personality is. It is believed that there are five personality traits that make up the core.


The ability of a person to see eye to eye with their opponents, and being cooperative instead of being an antagonist towards others.


The ability to express their feelings openly in front of the world.


Emotionally unstable, having a very low threshold when it comes to tolerating stress and anxiety.


Thoughtful individuals with a tremendous pulse control, believe in achieving their goals. Everything needs to be planned before hand for them, instead of spontaneously.


Preferring a huge variety of things in front of them. Curious, intellectual, and creative in their own way.


Character Traits List

If we sit down and start making a list of character traits, they would never end. In fact, if two different people start making a character traits list, they would be very different from each other.

A lot of times, a similar character trait may be described using different words. For instance, consider the words honesty and truthfulness, they both mean the same but just because the same person did not use it, they are different in their own way. Or someone might include the word intelligence in their list of character traits, but to another person it is not a trait, but an ability.

In other words, there may be a long list of character traits and the one you would read below is just one of its kinds.

  1. Attentive
  2. Alert
  3. Available
  4. Benevolent
  5. Bold
  6. Cautious
  7. Compassionate
  8. Content
  9. Creative
  10. Decisive
  11. Dependant
  12. Determined
  13. Diligent
  14. Enthusiastic
  15. Faithful
  16. Obedient
  17. Patient (Click here to read Buddha quotes)
  18. Punctual
  19. Sensitive
  20. Wise

Character Traits Examples

Before you are able to define yourself and tell the world about the kind of person you are, you need to understand your personality first. Ask yourself, “do you love what you do?”, “what is a perfect day like?”, “what brings me joy?“. the day you are able to answer these deep questions, that is the day when you truly know about your personality.

Here is a list of sample character traits that may be able to define a person’s personality, in a negative and positive way.



Everybody wants to be successful in what they do. They picture themselves as being humble, kind, and accepting above anything else. Having the ability to accept what their mentors or anybody in their surroundings have to say about them, in order to achieve their goals.



Where there is no hope, there is no success. Without this trait, one can never achieve their goals in life. After all, at the end of every tunnel, there is light, and if you stop believing and hoping in the first place, you will never be able to go up to the end and win the battle.

Challenges are an important part of life, and knowing how to tackle them will make us achieve our goals and aims.


Leading and Following

Being bossy would never make you get to the end, because everything would be about what you want or think. One should learn how to lead and follow at the same time, because team work eventually wins the race.



Respect comes above everything else in the world, If one does not respect others, even if it is someone as small as their house help, they will never get it back in return. One cannot live a happy life being envied by most of the world.



It may sound very tough, but it is very important to stay calm when you are in a tough situation.



Now this shows how keen you are towards your work and how well you do it before even being asked for it.



In today’s time, the world is a very competitive place and it asks for endurance. Those who can achieve what they aim for even in stressful situations are the ones who would grow forward.



An optimistic person spreads cheerfulness, not only for himself but it develops a positive vibe in his surroundings as well.



You can see that there are literally hundreds of character traits. In order to learn about your or someone else’s trait, all you have to do is observe them carefully.

The way they walk, the way they talk and so on. That will give you an idea on how people generally behave. It will help you in recognizing a positive or a negative character trait.




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