Despite the fact that I love star-studded football commercials before every Football World Cup, the Galaxy11: Training spot is a disappointment. It’s quite dragged, has a very weak story-line and is an overkill. Though they did a good job in trying to build the campaign up since last year, and it generated the desired interest from the audiences too. Following is a quick round up of the campaign.


The Plot

Football stars with the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, and the others will fights against a force of mean looking aliens trying to invade our planet.


The Build up

The first video in the series teased the viewers with crop circle type appearances in various cities across the world.

Then, some aliens were spotted this season during several matches across the European leagues.

Sightings of 11 mysterious robed men in various footballing stadiums across Europe have given conspiracy theorists new bones to chew that aliens may exist among us, though many feel it is campaign.

What they are campaigning for though, no one is sure.

The 11 unknown men, each dressed in black robes and sat in a line, were spotted making strange synchronised gestures during a league match at the Allianz Arena in Germany, which Bayern won 3-2.

Situated six rows from the pitch just beside the halfway line in the stand opposite the broadcasting gantry, the group was also seen by TV viewers all across the world.


The Recruitment

Since the aliens have been badly wanting to play against the humans, and invade the planet as their prize, a team of top players had to be prepared: The Galaxy 11. Here is Messi’s recruitment to the Galaxy 11 in November 2013, who will captain the side managed by the German legend Franz Beckenbauer:


Galaxy11: Training

Over the last few months, they recruited other stars that feature in this training video. I really think they dragged it quite a bit.


So what do aliens, football, and Samsung have in common? Samsung products of course. The Galaxy 11 will use Samsung’s Note 3, Galaxy Gear, and Note 10.1 to fend off attacks from the aliens. Check out if you want to find out more.

Let’s see if Samsung bounces back with a better one in this series to end the campaign on a high.


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