It may seem farfetched but there are a dozen ways on how to make money online without paying anything.

Don’t worry, now. We’re not here to misguide you or get your hopes up for nothing. These are legit ways to make money but, like other ways to generate revenue, you’ll have to put in significant time and efforts. Some of the jobs below may require you to develop technical skills (which you can easily do by investing in online courses) so don’t be shy away from expanding your skillset.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

So without further ado, here’s our ultimate list of how to make money online without paying anything:

Start Blogging

Let’s start with the most popular method of all. A lot of people assume that blogging is merely a way to express their views but not many of them know that they can actually monetize their blog. This’ll require you to consistently publish quality content and possess good knowledge of SEO so if you’re looking for an easy way out or want to instantly gain results, this might not be the best method for you.

Learn How to Make a Blog from Scratch

You’ll also need to be very patient as gaining a strong readership can take time so be prepared to wait a couple of weeks or months before you can finally start earning. However, once you get the hang of it and your blog starts to get popular, you’ll be able to make a decent living out of it.

How to Monetize Your Blog

Making a blog is fairly easy once you have invested in a domain or paid for hosting. As for monetization, here are a couple of ways to generate revenue from your blog:

  • Use Google Adsense or any other advertising network to display ads on your blog. You’ll get paid per ad click (CPC) or ad impression (CPI)
  • Try affiliate marketing. This when your website promotes a company’s products and services so whenever someone buys something from your website, you’ll earn a commission.
  • Earn money using paid articles.
  • Sell ad space on your blog.

Earn Money via Surveys

While other methods such as blogging or working on freelance websites require skills, you don’t have to do much when it comes to taking surveys.

Yup, there are several companies that offer monetary compensation for completing surveys while others may offer gift hampers.

We recommend you register yourself on a credible website such as ClixSense since you’ll be able to find multiple survey jobs under one roof.  It’s also worth mentioning that survey jobs are more suitable for people who reside in Canada, UK or USA etc.


Use freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr to offer just about any professional service such as copywriting, web designing, logo designing etc. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start with a premium account in the beginning if you’re not up for it. However, be prepared to compete with other freelancers who might be willing to charge less for the same jobs that you’re bidding for.

Monetize YouTube Videos

Do you spend a lot of time on YouTube? Well, then why don’t you consider making your own YouTube channel? You can earn money by creating your own videos. These videos must be copyrights free so get really to unveil your video editing skills.

Similar to blogging, YouTube has a substantial amount of potential if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. If you don’t have a high-end camera, simply start by making videos on your phone and then work your way up as you start to generate revenue.

One of the simplest ways to earn money on YouTube is to use the YouTube Partner program where users can display advertisements. Alternatively, you can also try your luck with paid reviews and affiliate marketing.

Make Online Courses

Online tutoring is one of the most fuss-free ways of making online. What’s great about this method is that you don’t have to wait several months to finally start earning. All you have to do is start teaching online but there is one minor drawback: you’ll only generate money as long as you teach. So if you’re looking for a more passive way to generate income (aka make money in your sleep), consider designing your own online courses.

You can do this by joining a website like Udemy. What’s great is that every time someone buys your course, you’ll earn money or as long as you’re registered. So you see, learning how to make money online without paying anything isn’t so difficult after all.

Offer SEO Services.

With the insane number of blogs, website owners are doing everything they can to beat their competition and that may require the services of an SEO expert. Search Engine Optimization comprises of techniques that help websites rank better on Google. So if you’re an SEO professional, you can start by contacting bloggers or businesses that might need your services.

Alternatively, you can create a website of your own and use it to offer your services.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are slowly becoming one of the most popular gigs on the internet. This is primarily because not everybody can afford the high wages of hiring a personal assistant.

Rest assured, these gigs usually involve basic office work and are quite flexible since you can opt to work part-time. Since virtual assistants are paid by the hour, you can choose what kind of schedule works best for you.



So if you’ve been wondering about how to make money online without paying anything, we hope you found this guide useful. Can you think of more ways to make money online? Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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