Creating a viral video isn’t exactly rocket science but yes, having a list of cool YouTube channel ideas to choose from definitely helps.

But what do you do if you’ve been brainstorming for hours and still can’t come up with something to work with? Fret not. We’ve prepared a list of some super cool YouTube channel ideas that you’re sure to love.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Is this going to be your first YouTube video? Well, then you’ve got to make it exciting. Since you’re a newbie, it’s important you introduce yourself and figure out what niche you’re interested in. Here are a couple of ideas you can work with:

1.     Introduce Yourself

People love introductory videos because it gives them an insight into somebody else’s life. You can think of it as writing a journal. Think all the things that you can say. For instance, what are your hobbies? What do you? What are your goals and aspirations? Dedicate this video about what you’d want people to know about you.

You can also ask people to leave questions for you in the comment section to answer in a later video.

2.     Host a Phone Tour

Ever notice how two phones are never the same? Well, here’s an idea: host a phone tour. Use this video to talk about your favorite apps or perhaps even share some funny text messages or pictures. The possibilities are endless.

3.     Review Something

Buy a new gadget or gizmo lately? Why not unbox the product for your YouTube family to see? People enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and products. So why don’t you consider helping them out by making a suggestion or by offering your unique insight?

4.     Do a Lip-sync

Are you up for something more upbeat and fun? Make a lip-sync video! You heard us. The next time you find yourself humming the tune of your favorite song, make a video out of it. Lip-sync videos are one of the most popular YouTube video ideas so it makes sense for you to hop on the trend.

5.     Favorite TV Show

Are you die-hard of Breaking Bad? Well, perhaps that’s what your next video could be about. If you’re obsessed with a current series, consider doing a recap or review of each new episode.

6.     Post a Shopping Haul

Did you just get back from the mall after an insane shopping spree? Well, that’s a great subject for your next video. Talk about all the things you’ve bought. People are sure to be excited.

7.     Film a Fun Day with Friends

Are you going on a weekend getaway with friends? You might as well make a video out of it. Friend videos are a popular category on YouTube as people enjoy the feel of being a part of a group. Plus, it’s much easier than penning down a script since all you have to do is take your camera along and act natural.

8.     Show off a Collection

Do you collect something like coins, baseball cards or postal stamps? Well, perhaps that’s what your next video can be about. Who knows, maybe you can even trade cards and coins with your viewers in the future.

Educational/ Tutorial YouTube Channel Ideas

Show off your expertise with the rest of the world! Some people are always looking for ways to enhance their skills and learn new things. Here are a few ideas you can experiment with:

9.     Cook a Family Recipe

Do you have an old lip-smacking family recipe that you could share? Cook it for your viewers and you’re bound to get tons of subscribers. Don’t forget to ask people to try out the recipe and tell you how it turned out.

10.   Talk about a Detailed Life Skill

Do you have a life skill that people always rave about? Consider making a detailed video about all the ins and outs to share with your viewers. You can also talk about important soft skills that naturally come to you.

11.   In-depth Analysis of Current Events

The world is moving at an alarming pace which is why it’s so difficult for people to keep track of the news. Do your viewers a favor and provide an in-depth analysis of current events. However, this kind of video would require you to do extensive research first.

12.   Tutorials

Perhaps you’re great at solving math problems or putting on makeup. Well whatever it is, consider making a tutorial video for your fans. This’ll also help you define a niche for your future YouTube videos.

Unleash Your Creative Side

Want to show off your creative skills? Here are some cool YouTube channel ideas that you’ll love:

13.   Make a Mood Board

Mood board and inspirational videos are becoming a hit on YouTube. So why not make one for yourself? You can also make a video of making a vision board. People are always interested in creative aspects so be as spontaneous and innovative as possible.

14.   List Your Favorite Books

What are some of your favorite books? Unleash your inner geek by doing a video about your favorite authors. You can also use this as an opportunity to give your subscribers a tour of your bookshelves.

15.   Time Lapse Video

Do like drawing or enjoy making arts and crafts? Maybe you can make a time-lapse video. Not only is a time-lapse video fun to watch but it also allows you to show a ton of information in a relatively short period of time.

16.   Show a Funny Skill

Do you have a funny or unusual skill that always gets you noticed? Why then consider making a video out of it. If this works out well, you can come up with plenty other funny YouTube video ideas.

Wrapping it Up

Do you have some cool ideas of your own? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Happy YouTubing!



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