Business cards are one of the most important things required in a business. Why? Well, they are more than just presenting your business, as they represent your presence. But the problem with business cards is that they are expendable. People often get several business cards and it does not make sense to keep them all. So why not invest some more, and get yourself an impressive metal business card?

Check out creative plastic business cards for some inspiration.

Metal Business Cards can help you leave an impression


The Need for Business Cards

First off, they are the most important tool for a direct marketing opportunity. In presenting a business card, you would have to talk to an individual, which means that you have an opportunity for the first business contact. Do you really remember the name of any of the companies from the several emails you receive every day? Business cards, on the other hand, lend a certain amount of personal impact, meaning that you remember them better. Moreover, a business card leaves the first impression and provides the creative aspect of your business.

Metal business cards showcase these and help to show a prospective client that you are always prepared. A strong front means better marketing opportunity.


What Are Metal Business Cards?

As the name suggest, metal business cards are just like ordinary business cards, but made with metal. The reason that they are so popular is because they are much more durable than your average paper card. Not only that, the metal lends a certain amount of gravity to the card itself.

Also, if your metal business car is well designed, it can help land you some important piece of business.

In short, if you want presence and authority, you should opt for metal business cards.



Metal Business Cards: Inspiration-log

Here are some really cool metal business card designs that you should take inspiration from – if you are planning to get one designed. Click on the images below to view them in a light-box.



Things to Consider When Looking for A Metal Business Card Design

There are 2 major things to consider while getting metal business cards. The first is that there are a few limitations to one. For example, you would be unable to get every design with every metal. Things like colors might sound great in theory, but completely coloring a metal with a different color might not be the best idea.

This is great if you like colors like steel or bronze, but not such a good idea if you want to say, a green colored card.

Moreover, the design should also be considered particularly. It is not a good idea to have a metal card with sharp edges. Other things like weight and undergoing a little extra security at the airport are also worth considering.

Another factor is the cost. As you can imagine, metal business cards are quite a bit more costly than your average business card.


Verdict: Why Metal Business Cards are Worth It?

Still metal business cards often strike a balance between making a statement and cost, and as long as you plan it ahead, nothing speaks class more than a brushed metal card for promoting business.

Moreover, the sturdiness tends to provide much more creative designs for exploration. From etching, partial carving to the variety of metals available (steel, silver, platinum etc.) often leave a mark when you need some real promotion.

So, if you want more than your average impact, definitely opt for a metal business card.


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