Making a sale depends on good and assertive communication skills. While this might sound as if it’s very easy to follow, but can be easily overlooked when trying to close the sale. Curious? You can expect the potential customer (or client) to respond in a number of ways, and if you are not prepared to handle it. You might lose the opportunity. Good communication is key – verbal, as well as physical.

You need to understand what the client wants, and not try to shove your product. Hence, you need the right assertive communication skills, to understand your potential customers and smoothly direct them towards the sale.

The whole thing is like a vicious cycle – a never ending loop. So, how do you break through and get the customer to buy from you?


10 Assertive Communication Skills Needed in Sales

1. Getting One’s Focus

Everyone is busy, which means that unless you have the customer’s full attention, you cannot get them to listen. So what do you need? Get their attention!

Talk about them and their problems. Don’t bring the product in the conversation. Bringing the product in the conversation will annoy them. Prepare content that’s easily understandable.


2. Pay Attention

What prospective customers want is for you to dedicate 100% of your attention on them. Communication is a 2 way skill. This means your clients want YOU to pay attention to what they are saying. You are here to listen to them – they are not going to stay to listen to you (if they don’t want to).

This is one of the most important assertive communication skills. Most sales guys just try to talk about what they have to offer, and don’t listen to what the customer really needs.


3. Finer Points

Assertive communication is not only about what you speak. It is just as much about what you do not speak about. A conversation can be carried out through body language and tone of voice as well.

Want to perfect your non-verbal assertive communication skills? Practice in front of a mirror – you need to come across as warm, welcoming and approachable.


4. Understand their point

Being empathetic is one of the most important assertive communication skills to connect with customers. Try to understand their point of view, after all, you want to sell a product – and they will only buy it from you if they like you (and trust you).

One of the easiest ways to be likeable is by being empathetic towards people you interact with.


5. Speak Only When (and However Much) is Required

Be precise, and don’t be a blabber mouth. You’re not supposed to blurt out everything – or get into asking the client personal details which they may not be comfortable talking about.

I remember a salesman once got so personal in his conversation and enthusiasm, that he made me feel very uncomfortable. Also, no one wants to spend a whole day to listening to you and your sales pitch.

Everyone’s busy – be wary of their time. Get your point across in short and easy to understand language. Otherwise you’ll tick people off.


6. Be an Expert

Most people who come over to close a deal, especially when it comes to big organizations are experts in their fields. You need to become one in your field in order to convince them of your product (or service).

No assertive communication skill can help you close a sale if you’re not an expert in your industry. Know your game well, before you play it.


7. Be Prepared with Marketing Collateral

Just listening to a conversation will not necessarily help you convince them to buy what you are selling. You should be prepared to present your points in the form of marketing material / collateral in order to be taken seriously.

Not only does this provide a tangible point of reference, it also provides the client with something to take with them. It can serve as a reminder and help them connect with you if they decide to buy your product later.


8. Use Humour

Humour is one of the best ways to connect with people. If you’re good with connecting with or befriending people – this skill will help you in your assertiveness as a sales guy / girl.

Everyone loves to laugh. If you really want to perfect your assertive communication skills, learn to use it to your advantage and smooth(en) the deal.


9. Maintain Eye Contact

Needless to say, one can only come across as assertive if they can maintain eye contact. Eye contact boasts confidence and is one of the most basic assertive communication skills that you can start practicing today.

No one will trust you if you don’t – you might come across as shady.


10. Always Smile

Practise smiling. This is another very important skill needed in order to help build a relationship with customers and eventually close a deal. All successful ‘smile’ to their advantage and use it effectively.

Not only does it make you seem approachable, it also radiates confidence and humbleness.


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