How to stop being codependent is a difficult task? Independence is one of the best things anyone can ever have. Unluckily, not many people out there today are independent. We all are out there having a look at other options and alternatives that make us dependent on some other person.

The article below on eight ways on how to stop being codependent on someone.


Kill Comfort – Earn Dignity

The fundamental way of achieving this is to step out of the comfort zone and earn dignity. Initially, it might bother, or you might be unwilling, but once you make it a habit, it is going to be pretty standard. Take this step. Now. Once you get out of your comfort zone, you will find yourself under the people who are asking for your dependents. Be the boss when you can be one. Why stay at the lowest level?


Stay Least Dependent

Another right way on how to stop being codependent on someone is to stay least dependent. By this, we mean that you can be addicted, but not beyond an extent. Do the maximum work yourself and only depend upon as much necessary. In this way, dependence will not become a bad habit, and you will not have to beg others for favors all the time.


Don’t Always Accept Help

Yes! The other person might be sweet when he offers for help, but you should not take it unless you feel you will not be able to make it without their help. With that, you will show a positive sign that the other person doesn’t always need a helping hand. You might need it sometimes, but asking for it ever is wrong. Put in efforts yourself and try to do it yourself. If you still fail, only then should you ask for help. This is how to stop being codependent on someone.

Listen To The Inner Self

Whenever you are unwillingly dependent on someone, your inner self will spark up at this time, and it will make you realize that you are doing wrong. Listen to what your inner self-says you because this is one of the best things you can do to stop codependency.



You can practically do this as well to experience that this is such a good tip. If you ever come up across a situation where you feel you should be dependent on someone, try your best not to and do the task yourself. Once you do so, you will feel so motivated and powerful. You will think that you can do the hard things yourself and you don’t need anyone’s help. You will be the winner who can win without help. This is one of the best tips on how to stop codependent.


Give And Take

This all is a matter of giving and take. The world doesn’t go by the principle that it is helping you with your problem and wants you to get out of it only. They want a return back to. When you ask for a favor, you must do the same in return. If you feel you can be dependent on someone and return the favor sometime, then you can slightly depend on someone. Otherwise. NO.


Depend On The Right People

How to stop being codependent? The answer is by not being over dependent. When do you get over dependent? At the time when you don’t depend on the right people, you do face problems as well. You can expect taunts and casual sarcastic remarks, but since you feel this person can do your work, you stay silent and listen to them. This should not happen in this way. Depend on the right people such as your parents, your very close one or two friends, but no one beyond that.


Think Carefully

Sometimes when something is done, we say that we could have done this ourselves. This means you unnecessarily took help from someone. You could have done it. Try your best to start this thinking process at an early stage and do your work yourselves. This is yet another great answer on how to stop being codependent. Start this thinking process at the right time, and you will be able to go even better.


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