Repressed emotions can make one overreact to many small things that mean you feel hard to work. It can result in causing depression and anxiety, both of these can affect the physical health.

It has the potential to lead to many addictive behaviours such as drinking excessive alcohol or overeating. Repressed emotions are considered very bad for health. There are different ways of dealing with such emotions, which includes medications and several other activities. Some of the ways to cope with repressed emotions are mentioned below.

1. Remove Distractions

If you want to cope with your repressed emotions then you need to create a room for processing your emotions. If you are really up for the challenge of removing distractions then the very first thing you have to do is turning off your electronic devices such as smartphone, PC, or any other similar stuff. You need to pick a time when you are ready to deep dive into your emotions and feelings.

2. Get Still

To save yourself from the surface of emotional chaos, it is very important for you to adopt a physically still life. You can also try this by giving your life a push physically. This means that you can get a still life by lying down or any comfortable postures that you feel appropriate. Make sure that you are in a very relaxed position and none of your muscles are tensed up.

3. Breathe Deeply

This upcoming practise might seems childish, but it really works if you try for once. You have to give yourself some deep breaths and you have to utilize it for feeling such that your mind is connected to your body. The process should be followed by further deep breathes and expanding it down to every part of your body. In this process, you will fell many places in your body that might be holding physical tensions. Breathing deeply into every inch of your body can help you notice that what really bubbles you and you will find it.

4. Locate Emotions In Your Body

This exercise has to be followed by the above practices or when you start noticing that certain areas of your body are more tensed than others, or you are able to name some of the specific emotions by just feeling them. Moreover, whatever you find is actually true irrespective of how much foolish it might sounds. In addition, after locating those areas it is better to name those findings loudly such that you disseminate them out of your body.

5. Thank Them

Since now you have found many of the emotions in your body, it is time to thank them for being there and allowing yourself to be self-aware of them. You can say whatever you want or in other words, whatever makes sense to you would be appropriate in this. You can say words like, “Thanks for allowing me to witness you, sadness.” Alternatively, whatever you like. Do not forget that you can always add some creativity to it, which might give you a mesmerizing feel as well. The purpose is to welcome all the emotions just as if you would do to some guest; with grace, kindness and compassion.

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6. Medications

Well if these exercises or practices do not prove to be helpful for you and you still feel repressed than its time to see a psychiatrist. There is no wrong in consulting a psychiatrist. In fact, it proves helpful because he or she can help you to cope with emotional traumas. The pills or any other medications can heal you faster and with ease, but remember you do not overdose yourself due to nasty circumstances. Medications can turn out to an addictive drug, which you have to keep in mind. These medications should be temporary only.


It is easy to cope with your bad emotions if you have an inner will of doing so. You can quickly get rid of these emotions by adopting above practices. These can help you in having a balanced life and can save you from many other illnesses. It is always better to consult a specialist or psychiatrist for a better diagnose


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