There is a list of character traits found in creative professionals, that are unique, and sets them apart from others around them.

There’s something different about them. They’re dreamers – the rebels who can’t contain their ideas in a cage. Some are expressive while others like to keep a low profile. They say creativity is an innate ability that can’t be acquired.

Instead, it can be honed and nurtured over time but the truth is, the best ideas come easily to some more than others. Most of these people possess a similar list of character traits that distinguish them from others.



List of Unique Character Traits in Creative Professionals

Below is a list of character traits that are highly associated with creative individuals.


1. They’re okay with being different

Creative minds aren’t exactly familiar with the term ‘conformity’. They’re okay with being different and celebrate their quirkiness. These folks aren’t too psyched about following trends or being part of the ‘cool crowd’. Instead, creative minds like to bask in their own thoughts and perceive the world as too colorful to stick to the norms.

Truth be told, they aren’t too big on following rules either and are known to be unpredictable in the most splendid way possible. Their originality distinguishes them from the crowd and they aspire to follow their own rulebook.


2. They’re carefree

Almost childlike, creative people like to take each day as it comes. They’re far too carefree to take life seriously. Creative folks are personable in nature and aware that good ideas don’t come easily when you’re overly tensed. Such people enjoy their work and the people around them. When climbing up the ladder of life, it’s almost natural for some people to stiffen and become too serious. Sooner or later, grownups begin to feel terribly important. But that’s not the case with creative people for they prefer to live inside their own tiny bubbles.


3. They’re able to see the silver lining

Many of the most awe-inspiring songs and stories have been penned down by writers after experiencing gut-wrenching pain and heartbreak. Determined to heal and overcome life’s challenges, these artists used their pain as fuel to create art that’s unforgettable. According to a field in psychology, it is suggested that people are able to use their early-life trauma and hardships for creative growth. Creative people deal with discomfort much better than others. They appreciate life and use their personal strength to turn life around.

4. They’re self-motivated

Such individuals often possess a can-do attitude that helps them follow their passion. They love what they do and are able to find motivation from within. They are unlike other people who constantly require external factors and rewards to stay motivated. This is known as intrinsic motivation and often plays a vital factor in achieving one’s goals.

Creative minds often feel the need to perform well and are able to achieve their goals with flying colors. They love the idea of overcoming a challenge and are willing to put in all it takes to pursue their dreams.


5. They’re emotional

In our list of character traits, we simply can’t rule out emotions. The most creative minds often wear their heart on their sleeves. Because they’re observant, such people possess the ability to feel deeply and can be extremely sensitive. While others may accuse them of having mood swings, creative people aren’t afraid of being vulnerable. Though personalities can differ, creative minds often don the skin of introverts. So while they may enjoy the company of others, too much stimuli can get in the way of the creative process.

On the other hand, some individuals may prefer to be the center of attention. Their lively nature is often celebrated by others while their uniqueness helps them stand out from the crowd.


6. They’re observant

Creative folks are keen observers – even if they’re quiet, nothing fails to pass their notice. With a thirst for passion, they take advantage of every opportunity they get and try their best to turn it into something amazing. This is why most writers like to on long walks are constantly in search for inspiration. Creative individuals view the world from a different lens and see things from a different perspective. They focus on the little things in life that may not always catch the attention of others.

Additionally, creative people also love hearing about other people’s observations as well. They value human emotions, thoughts and opinions. They often use all these experiences to create a masterpiece of their own.


List of More Character Traits in Creative People:

  1. Appreciates logical and intellectual conversations
  2. Does not want to be tied to rules and regulations – they love their independence
  3. Are masters of articulation of their thoughts into words
  4. Admire good design and aesthetic sense
  5. Works at a faster pace then others
  6. Often think faster than others can keep up
  7. Has a deeper connection with a philosophical issue that they are close to
  8. They set a higher bar for themselves in work and personal life
  9. Has a variety of hobbies and interests that helps them broaden their horizons
  10. Comes up unique and unconventional ways of doing things
  11. Doesn’t fear risk taking
  12. Appears interesting or super boring (could be either of these depending on their personality type)
  13. Usually does not like to get involved in any sort of politics
  14. Maintains standards of personal and professional behaviour
  15. Unconventional thinker who likes to connect the dots in ways no one ever thought before
  16. People around him think he or she is smart
  17. They’re open minded
  18. They are neutral when listening to other people’s perspective
  19. They cannot tolerate boredom – they need to keep their mind occupied
  20. They never shy away from taking on new challenges
  21. They’ve attained a level of self actualization (see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)
  22. Very strong visual thinker
  23. They can manifest feelings in ways
  24. They’re good story-tellers
  25. Peer pressure doesn’t concern them
  26. Versatile and are willing to evolve with trends and technolofy
  27. They love to challenge authority
  28. They firmly believe in their ideas, which can lead them to being stubborn and appear egoistic
  29. They love the challenge the norm
  30. Come up with convincing arguments
  31. Might appear to be careless



This list of character traits is commonly associated with highly creative individuals.

You’ll find many character traits examples on the internet that includes the best minds out there. If you’re eager to learn more, check out more blogs from our personality development section, you won’t be disappointed!


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