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A slogan by definition is a phrase expressing the aims or nature of an entity, business, motto or an individual.┬áCompanies and their brands have always tried to differentiate their identity with some great, catchy and creative slogans. And I believe the concept of defining a brand’s essence with a catchy slogan dates back to primitive times. This will become quite evident especially if you visit an old-school hawker market where the sellers try to attract buyers to their stands either through a price or a differentiating product incentive.

The whole concept of marketing and brands have come a long way since the primitive times. But we’re not going to discuss the history of marketing in detail for now. We’ve decided to start compiling one of the biggest slogans lists here in the form of a browse-able directory. What we’ve have noticed is that when Google-ing for advertising slogans, you end up with thousands of search results, however not many websites present you all the famous advertising slogans in an organized fashion. That’s what we’re trying to achieve here.

If any of the slogans categories links are inactive, then I’m still probably working to complete that list :).

If you think I have missed a great slogan or a slogan category below, feel free to submit it through our contact form here or leave a suggestion in the comments section below.

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