There is a bit of a confession that I would like to make, and I think you all will be a bit disappointed, but I hope you forgive me! Only a few months back, I joined Instagram, I never really thought of taking pictures and never thought it could appeal to people that they will decide to talk about it continuously.

But over the past years, Instagram has grown big. It has become the most used app of our time Facebook is still the most used apps, so that makes Instagram the second most used app. So in this blog let’s focus on the advantages and disadvantage of Instagram.

For those who don’t know what Instagram is or do you need Instagram for your business? Here is a bit basic info about it, people can add photos and videos on their Instagram profiles and share it with their followers. They can also view, like and comment on posts shared with their friends on Instagram. So now that you know about Instagram let’s checkout the pros and cons of Instagram for businesses.

Pros And Cons Of Instagram


Pros Of Instagram For Business

  1. It Gives Consumer A Visual Clarity Of What You Provide – Visual content is far more worth than the text content present on the internet these days. When you aim to show your target audience the precise value of services or products that you have to offer, visual graphics can do wonders as compared to content or paragraph. Watching is believing, and Instagram for your business will let you do that with a straightforward upload.
  2. Easy To Share The Brand Message – Instagram is easy to distribute among the other social media platforms. Say if a photo becomes a hit on Instagram chances are it will be shared on various other platforms, meaning you will get more new customers and visitors.
  3. Instagram Is Not On The Hit List Of Marketers Yet – When people think about social marketing, they usually think of Twitter or Facebook. Some marketers also think about Google Plus and Pinterest. Rarely anyone feels about Instagram. This means you can focus on audience within your industry, which you aren’t targeting. In return, you can show your audience that you are up to date and have the right expertise.
  4. Instagram Is On A Roll – Instagram is growing, and it’s growing fast. According to researchers, Instagram has 50 percent more engagement than Facebook and 20 percent more engagements than Twitter. Although there is limited activity on this platform, people love the content shared on it.
  5. It Was Made For Mobile Devices Only – Most of the Instagram users prefer to use it from their mobile devices. Bringing your business on Instagram makes the chances highly likely of getting more leads and customers. With the Business Instagram option you can create new communities with every image that you share.

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Cons Of Instagram For Business

  1. Your Target Audience May Not Have An Instagram Account – Instagram is one of those social media platforms that have inspired the young. Most of its followers are youngsters. Even though more and more adults are exploring Instagram, its core benefit is the ample amount of young audience. Young audience is not exactly a benefit as many of them might not be interested in your brand.
  2. It’s A Platform That Doesn’t Always Focus on Commerce – There are many reasons to follow someone on Instagram. It is a fun way to connect with your favorite personalities. Or it is an excellent way to share your unique moments with your friends and family. The concept of buying online through Instagram has not set as a priority yet. Many people are just connected to Instagram for killing time without any intention of buying anything.
  3. Advertising Is Out Of Reach For Many Businesses – Many businesses rely on organic traffic when it comes to using Instagram for business. Only the big brand can afford to promote on this platform, which means it can take some time to develop a considerable following that can have a potential impact on your budget. Even though video ads only cost $0.02 per view that can go up to $1 million for some promotions.
  4. Images Can Be Uploaded Either Through Mobile Device Or PC App – Even though it has become easy to upload a picture from non-mobile devices, it still isn’t suitable for all users. The mobile upload is the best way to use Instagram for sharing information, which most of the times is not ideal for businesses.
  5. There Isn’t Much Space For More Content – Some pictures need content to explain it, but Instagram sadly doesn’t offer that much space. It is also tough to generate a comprehensive company intro on this platform which makes it hard for followers to know who you are and what you offer.


The pros and cons of Instagram prove the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages for businesses. But if some steps are taken, you can ensure definite success for your business. You must focus on your experiences, displaying the visual beauty of your services or products that you are offering.


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