Ever wonder how your favorite entertainers come up with YouTube name ideas?

The task certainly requires a lot of creativity and tact. After all, your YouTube channel name will serve as the basis of your brand’s online presence.

But why is YouTube so important today, anyway?

Well, with over 2 billion views a day, YouTube stands tall as one of the most visited sites in the world – making it the perfect platform for thriving social media influencers. Brands, along with social media enthusiasts are now actively using YouTube to leverage video content and tap into a wider audience, making it one of the most popular marketing tools.

But your YouTube journey isn’t going to immediately start with creating video content (though that is a major chunk of what you’ll be doing).  Before you go all in, you’ll have to come up with a cool YouTube channel name first.

In this post, we’ll help you come up with a unique name for your very own YouTube channel, but first, it’s important we cover the basics.

Why Do I Need a Kickass YouTube Name?

Before we get started, we’d like you to see the big picture. Right now, it may seem like you’re simply coming up with a name for a YouTube channel – for whatever reason, but ultimately, this will play an integral role in shaping the kind of brand you’re building online. So whether you’re an aspiring, a content creator or even a closet comedian, your YouTube name is a stepping stone for something big which is your very own brand.


Tips for Coming Up With YouTube Name Ideas



Once you’ve decided on a name, it becomes a part of your online identity so you really have to stick to it. From here, it’s important you try and resonate the same values in your content and online interactions based on the persona you’ve created. This is primarily why you should put a lot of thought into selecting the right YouTube channel name. Here are a few great tips to get started:

Include or Use Your Name

One of the easiest ways to shortlist ideas is by using or including your name. There are many influential YouTubers such as Tony Robbins or Pat Flynn who have opted for the same path and have managed to create a massive following in the process.

The most notable advantage of this approach is that you won’t have to worry about changing or altering your channel name as you diversify your interests.  You see, a lot of YouTubers (who may or may not be sure of where they’re headed) start off by focusing on a single niche but tend to branch out to different online territories as they grow popular. Hence, it’s perfectly fine if you want to play it safe and don’t want to come up with something too exuberant. Plus, using your name doesn’t have to be boring.

Take iJustine for example, the “i” adds character to her YouTube channel and pronounces Justine’s love for Apple and all things tech. Over the years, iJustine has stayed true to her online identity and is still going strong after +10 years.

Be Relevant

Pick a channel name that’s relevant and resonates well with the content you’re planning to post. Ideally, you want people to know about what your YouTube channel is about even before they stumble upon one of your videos and let’s be honest, that won’t be possible if the name is too generic.

If you don’t want to be too in front-of-your-face-obvious, you can opt for the mysterious route too. There are plenty of popular content creators who have named their channel names after themselves but are stick to their own niche.

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Be Original

If it’s already been done before then you can do much better!

Your channel name needs to be punchy and memorable. Try your best to do some wordplay but don’t go overboard. Using rhymes and alliterations (repeating the same first letter, such as Fix it, Felix) is another great way to get yourself noticed.

If nothing else works out, you can always try your luck with puns. Some YouTube names that are already out there include Mental Floss, The Nerd Writer and Extra Credits.

Avoid common pitfalls

It’s always great to add a little personality to your YouTube channel but not at the expense of using cuss words. While many YouTubers do get away with some amount of profanity, it’s definitely not the kind of persona you want to center your brand around.

Not to mention, using crude or vulgar language can give YouTube the chance to penalize you by not qualifying your channels for ads (this is important if you want to monetize your channel). At the same time, it’s also important to avoid clichés. Naming your cooking channel “Good Food” might sound appropriate but it’s boring and redundant. Your channel name should spark intrigue and curiosity, not drive people away. This is especially important if you’re targeting a young audience that may be deterred away by clichés.


List of YouTube Name Ideas

Now let’s cut right to the chase and talk about YouTube Name Ideas. It’s important to understand that your channel name should resonate with your niche (unless you already have a brand name or are naming the channel after yourself). Here are a couple of ideas that might inspire you to come up with your own channel name.

YouTube Name Ideas for Educational Channels


YouTube Name Ideas

  1. Lord of the Geeks
  2. Study Ace
  3. Internet Classroom
  4. Gotta Learn
  5. [Insert Name]
  6. ASAP Learning
  7. Science Geek
  8. Sci-Fly
  9. MindCraft
  10. Recess

YouTube Name Ideas for Travel Vloggers


YouTube Name Ideas

  1. [Insert Name] in Wonderland
  2. Adrenaline Rush
  3. Hey [Insert Name]
  4. [Insert Name] Meets World
  5. [Insert Name] Was Here
  6. Backpacking with [Insert Name]
  7. The Getaway Project
  8. Chasing [Insert Name]
  9. Local Retreat
  10. [Insert Name] On The Loose

YouTube Name Ideas for Beauty Channels


YouTube Name Ideas

  1. [Your Name]
  2. Cake Face
  3. Ready or Not
  4. Beauty On a Budget
  5. Makeovers with [Insert Name]
  6. Blending it With [Insert Name]
  7. [Insert Name] Gloss
  8. Glam School
  9. Eyeliner on Fleek
  10. Contour Queen

For Food/Cooking YouTube Channels


YouTube Name Ideas

  1. Flour Power
  2. Easy Bake
  3. Vegan On The Go
  4. Millennial Food Spree
  5. Clean Team
  6. The Accidental Chef
  7. Cheat Day
  8. Food On a Budget
  9. Kitchen Mishaps
  10. TV Dinner

Wrapping it Up: YouTube Name Ideas

All in all, we advise you to be as relevant and original as possible.

Did you like our list of YouTube Name Ideas? Tell us about how you came up with your YouTube Channel Name in the comments section below.







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