In this post we’re sharing a list of bloggers, Toronto, Canada is home to. Canada is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking countries in the world. The country’s beautiful landscapes, multi-culturalism, authentic cuisines and restaurant chains give it the never ending charm.

The ever famous coffee and hot chocolate of Tim Hortons, the home-country of poutine and a lot of talented people from different ethnicities.

Toronto is the biggest and one of the most popular cities in Canada. The residents of Toronto, are from all around the world, which makes it a very multi-cultural habitat. Even the bloggers in Toronto are from different cultural backgrounds.

And it’s most fascinating to see how everyone from a different culture, race, religion, and background lives in harmony in this amazing city.¬†You will find a lot of bloggers, photographers, writers, and creative people all over: From travel, to fashion, to lifestyle, to anything else you could ask for.



Bloggers in Canada

Here are a number Canadian bloggers we love, and after reading their blogs, you would (probably) love them too! You will surely discover many new bloggers in Toronto to follow, that you do not know about after reading this.


Canadian Fashion Bloggers

These top bloggers Toronto have given the country the best of what it could ask for. Personalizing their blogs by making them close to their homes, incorporating elements that we all love. They make us feel like we are at home, by posting on several niche, which can sometimes be just as simple as an outfit of the day picture with details. Inspiring us effortlessly, bloggers Toronto are fearless and creative to the core.

Jay Strut




The go to destination for the latest global fashion trends, Jay Strut’s blogs have their own personal style to drool over. A mixture of boyishness and androgyny with transparent glamour.

Strut of bloggers Toronto has been spotted recently in TOM magazine, a publication which has been dedicated to Toronto’s Men’s Fashion Week.


Kastor and Pollux




The creators of Kastor and Pollux are Danielle Roche and Bianca Venerayan. These bloggers Toronto have their own line of clothing brand. Other than that they are famous for their creativity when it comes to twinning and their tremendously fun fashion blogs.

They are known to be Toronto’s “IT GIRLS” when it comes to being playful, imaginative and girlish.

The Brunette Salad




If minimalism combined with street wear is your thing, Vanessa Cesario is the fashion blogger you would love. This fashion blogger would definitely be your best friend forever. Everything she wears is always on point, which is achieved by her through consistency, thoughtful silhouettes, and a mentality that says “less is more”!


Toronto Fashion Bloggers

Let’s just be honest and state the facts here. Bloggers Toronto are the best in fashion, all over Canada. You just can’t make an impact in Toronto without following one of their style statements.

Fashion in Toronto is way ahead of just the female fashion, because you will also find some of the best dressed men roaming around, having a fashion opinion as well.

Although most of us show great interest in fashion, none of us is an expert. Some of us may also be in search of new inspiration. Don’t fear it, because there are tons of Toronto style bloggers to follow.


Toronto Style Bloggers

Backseat Stylers


The backstreet stylers literally have every scoop of fashion for the people in Toronto. These bloggers Toronto know about everything that is happening in the city related to fashion. They also have a very interesting street style section that is updated by them regularly.

The NG sisters operate the site, striving really hard and giving the best information related to the sphere of fashion. All you have to do is click the refresh button everyday and you will find all that you need to know about fashion.


Ori Raynai


Ori Rayani has around 49,000 Instagram followers. This Canadian is the influence of social media bloggers Toronto is a photographer who has started a partnership with famous brands like Red Bull and Nike. He has tremendous beautiful photographs to drool over, which definitely explains why he is so famous.


Kendall Donaldson


Kendall is literally one of the cutest Canadian export ever. Composed of her grand mother’s vintage pieces combined with her modern collection, you would mostly find pictures of her outfits on her website.

Kendall started her blog as a hobby, but later it became a reason behind her success. Surely you must have sighted her in the front row at Master Card Fashion Week!


Daniella Etienne


Daniella Etienne operates The Broken Heel Diaries and she is very active on social media. She is a Toronto based blogger, focusing mostly on electric ensembles, along with providing us with all the updates that one would love to hear related to her fancy trips around the world.

The music she digs and her beauty regiments are worth the hype. Check her series “The Woman of the Week” that would give you insides on how the fashion lives of high profile and successful women are.


Toronto Makeup Bloggers

The beauty community has grown rapidly on social media, and so have the bloggers in Toronto in the past few years.

Starting from the shimmering highlighters to the smokey eyes, it has been constant since a while now, flooding your explore pages and subscriptions.


Samantha Ravndahl


Considerably Samantha is one of the best makeup gurus you would find out there. Having the perfect blend of colors and wearable looks, Samantha tests new makeup every other day. She mostly supports local Canadian makeup brands. This native Vancouver fashion blogger showcases her work on both YouTube and Instagram, where she does tutorials and reviews most of the products.


Ame Macedo


Ame Macedo, from Mississauga is a YouTuber and an Instagrammar. Primarily her main niche is classic glam, but her main idea is towards constantly pushing herself to come up with great content. Her talent, well, one of her talents is using bold colors when it comes to eye makeup and looks. She makes it appear natural and classic. Her tutorials are just perfect, and an amazing place to get some new tips and techniques along with ways to work with products that are intimidating. yes, her makeup is that daring!


Jessica Mann


When it comes to colors in makeup, she is just not afraid. she comes up with the greatest looks ever on Instagram. This native of Brampton is all about mixing colors.

Whether it is a metallic shade on the lips or pink smokey eyes, she knows how to play with it all. Following her would definitely give you something new to drool over every other day.




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