Are you in search of an app that saves Snapchats? Well, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of 5 most popular apps in both iOS and Android that can be used to save Snapchats from your friends.

Snapchat is one of the most interesting apps for messaging among teenagers – and this trend is growing amongst older generations as well. The reason is that you can send a self destructive message, video or photo via Snapchat.

We’ve covered how to use Snapchat for Marketing if you’re looking to use Snapchat for Business.

Since there is no evidence left of whether someone sent anything at all, sometimes this can be a pain. Sometimes, you’re really in the need to save a snap that someone sent you. But Snapchat doesn’t allow it officially.

But with a little effort, you can actually keep a backup of everything; all snaps that people send you.

This can be achieved through a third-party app that saves Snapchats.

*Disclaimer: Do keep in mind that the below apps cannot be found or downloaded from App Store or PlayStore because they go against Snapchat’s policy. Download and install the below at your own risk*

App that Saves Snapchats? There are 5 Apps for that!

Wait no more! Check out the list of apps that help you save Snapchats


1. SnapBox

This one is one of the most popular apps for downloading Snapchat videos and photos. Simply log into your Snapchat account whenever you receive a message via the SnapBox app, and all your snaps can be saved permanently.

This is an iOS only app, which means if you are on Android, read more below.

Click here to learn how to download and use Snapbox.


2. SaveMySnaps

Well, the name is fairly easy to decipher. SaveMySnaps is one of the most popular app that saves Snapchats on Android. Simply log into SaveMySnaps with your Snapchat account and you can opt to have all your snaps saved automatically when you receive them with the help of this app.

Keep in mind though that this app comes with advertisements. However, there is a paid version, which you can use in order to remove all the ads.

SaveMySnaps have been moved to Casper App (see below for details).


3. SnapSave

Bored of your old Snapchat and want something new? Get the SnapSave app. Available on the iOS, this is one of the best app that saves Snapchats and replaces the Snapchat app altogether.

This means you can both view, and save snaps directly from the app without opening your Snapchat app.


4. Snapchat Saver

Available for Android devices, the Snapchat Saver allows a user to save both photos and videos sent as snaps. Photo and video stories can also be saved. The only limitation to this is that all snaps should be saved prior to opening them on Snapchat for saving them permanently.

Also, this app is not available directly via the Play Store, so you have to do some background digging to find the apk and install it. Note that you would have to “Allow untrusted Sources” in your phone settings to install the apk correctly.


5. Casper

Do not let the cute name fool you. Casper is a highly popular app that saves snapchats directly into your gallery. Casper also needs unknown sources enabled since it is not available on the Play Store.

The most interesting thing about this app is that there are a lot of stickers built into it, meaning you can edit the photos and add stickers before forwarding them to your friends.


6. SnapCrack

SnapCrack is a very good app for saving snaps. Not only can you save photos, videos and stories, you can also integrate it into your Snapchat to send snaps directly from your photo albums.

Available on the iOS, this is a great app that saves snapchats. Although available for free, there is also a paid version with better functionality for $4.99.


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