Why pay more for plastic business cards, when you can get paper ones made much more cost efficiently? Simple reasons – plastic business cards are more durable and can help your business stand out by giving it a creative ‘zing!’

Similar reasons to why one should order metal business cards. But metal business cards are good if you are aiming for a slick / classy image for your business, where as plastic business cards are more apt if you want your business to appear more creative and casual.

If you are thinking of getting a business card printed, you probably know that they can be of different kinds. From the design to the text, material (plastic business cards, metal business cards, etc.) or even the format, the business card has evolved over the ages. With all this in mind, what should you opt for when getting a personal business card?


Why Should You Get Plastic Business Cards

Business cards have evolved in 2 centuries since its inception. What started as a simple means of communicating about a business has now become much more refined including the use of materials like plastic for its construction.

Of course, they are still the best means of providing the first point of relevant data, but far more is being focused on with respect to its construction than just information. As can be easily understood, plastic business cards are far more durable than an average paper card.

Not only that, plastic, being a much more versatile material to work with other materials (like metal) has much wider scope of use as well. In context to full color plastic business card printing, there are 3 varieties:

4/0 (Four Over Zero)
  • Refers to a color print on the front side, no print on the reverse
4/1 (Four Over One)
  • Color print on the front, one color on the reverse
4/4 (Four Over Four)
  • Full color print on both sides of the card


40+ Plastic Business Cards: Designs for Inspiration

We’ve collected over 40 creatively designed plastic business cards for your inspiration. Go ahead and shortlist a few for your next business card project.


More Advantages of Plastic Business Cards

If you are willing to go the extra mile in terms of cost per business card, there are added distinct advantages to plastic business cards:

Plastic Business Cards are Lightweight

Compared to other exotic varieties of business cards, like metal and wood, plastic business cards are quite light in weight. This means that in case you do need to carry a bunch of them around with you at all times (after all, being able to present it when needed is important), they do not present much of a problem.

Plastic Business Cards are Very Durable

We’ve already talked about this earlier. Compared to paper cards, plastic is much more durable. After all, everyone accumulates a lot of paper business cards. Chances are you have a few too. How many actually survive more than a few months? Plastic business cards are much more durable by comparison.

Relatively Low Cost Compared to Other Materials

Compared to other high end material (wood and metal), plastic is one of the cheapest materials available today. Hence the cost of creating some impressive business cards might be within means.

Customizable to Your Liking

Plastic business cards are highly customizable. From creating beautiful looking cards sprinkled with graphics to specifically etched variations, plastic cards can be customized to fit all your needs.

Impact Factor: Plastic Business Cards vs Paper Business Cards

Plastic business cards can have a much higher impact than a average paper card. It leaves an impression when you hand one over, which is exactly what you should be aiming for.


Plastic cards are already the next generation of propagating your business. Are you ready for them?


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