Slogans are of 2 kinds: the truly good ones and everything else. This is because a good slogan will get stuck in your head, keep repeating itself over and over and you cannot get over it. However, if it is not unique, things like “the best” or “number one” guarantee that it will be lost among everything else. So, in case you do not have very good real estate slogans, do not bother using one at all.

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Slogans in Real Estate

In the field of property, real estate slogans can either make or break a business. Slogans have 4 distinct characteristics that they need to adhere to:

  • Short
  • Catchy
  • Clear
  • Elicit Honesty / Trust

Real estate slogans need to be small, something that can be said in on sentence. At the same time, it has to be easily differentiable from the rest of the drivel in the market. A prime example of a good slogan is “Scott Geller, Home Seller”. Make sure that your slogan makes it everywhere. Good real estate taglines need to be on billboards (better visibility), on business cards (easy accessibility) and emails. In short, make sure that the world knows you have a tagline.

Success of Real Estate Slogans

The success of real estate slogans depends on one major thing: repeatability. The more people read it, the more chances are that they would not forget it. This ensures repeat recall, and thus, when people think of a service, they will think of you. Association is one of the most basic marketing techniques, and that is exactly what you should be aiming for in your real estate taglines.

Getting introduced at parties as “Scot Geller, Home Seller” is short, tells people what you work for and lets them realize whom to call in case something goes wrong.

Creating the Perfect Real Estate Slogan

Getting the perfect real estate slogans are just as much about creativity as they are about knowing what you want. Decide on 5 core concepts that you want to convey in your slogan. For example, are you going to focus on how good your personal attributes are (good listener, good problem identification skills etc.) or do you want to showcase your professional skills (best in the field, unique service provider, etc.).

Try aspects like geography, rhythm, or emotional appeal. Whatever you do, try to make it different. Once that is done, decide on what you want to narrow all this down to. The best real estate tag lines are all about you. Finally, try to tie it in together with marketing and your company logo.

Remember, you are trying to get people to paint a picture of you. This will happen only when everything is connected together.

Promoting Your Realtor Slogan

The final step of implementing successful real estate slogans are getting it to the people. Simply put, use it absolutely EVERYWHERE.

Make sure people read it, remember it and reuse it.


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