Generally, we like to keep our keyword research tools a secret. But here’s one that we believe deserves a standing ovation. We don’t know how others feel about it though, However for us, Long Tail Pro has been one of the best keyword research tools to build organic site traffic. And it is definitely worth an acknowledgment. This is a detailed Long Tail Pro review and we’ve tried to cover every single feature of this tool. 

We’ve been using Long Tail Pro for Advergize for about a year at the time of writing this review. And even though we’ve been really liking how it works, we weren’t sure of its popularity.

In fact, it came to us as a surprise when we learned that Long Tail Pro is the preferred long tail keyword research software, and is trusted by more than 70,000 loyal marketers.

That’s a BIG number of loyalists! And it really compelled us to delve more into understanding it deeper. And we thought, let’s review LongTailPro in detail.



Even though it seems like a simple-to-go keyword research tool; but it has a lot to offer compared to any other similar research tool on the market, primarily because of its simplicity and ease of use. 

It helps you to focus on the aspects of keyword research, that matter.

So without any further ado, let’s get on to our Long Tail Pro review and tutorial. Today, we will guide you through a step-by-step process on how Long Tail Pro keyword research tool works. From the start to the end, we will give you a brief walk-through on how to use it alongside reviewing all its features.

If you want to give this keyword research tool a try before subscribing to it, to see if it can help you for your specific niche; then feel free to sign up.

If you’re looking for a keyword analysis tool, Long Tail Pro is web application that works in your browser. And you can start right away, with a 7-day trial to explore all the features absolutely free. That’s a good amount of time to see what the tool can do for you.

You can get 30% off regular price if you sign up with LongTailPro through this link.


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First Things First – Important Update

We hate to break it to you in the middle of this LTP review, but there have been some updates to the Long Tail Pro features and packages. LongTailPro has gone through a major update on February the 13th, 2018, and following are its details:

  • A bulk check feature has been added for users to check keyword competitiveness (KC) for a larger number of keywords scale. Before this update, users had to check updates to each keyword KC individually. But now, users are able to select all keywords and click update to check the KC score for all keywords. Neat feature… eh?
  • There used to be a number of different packages that LongTailPro used to offer. But after this update, all packages have been dissolved. Now, users can only sign up for a single Platinum Long Tail Pro offer that allows them to either purchase a package for $37 a month or a reasonably discounted package rate of $352 annually.


LongTailPro Review: The Must-Have Keyword Research Tool 

Who wants diverse features, multiple categories and a long list of filtering options, when you can reach definitive results by making use of a handful of them.

Recommended by some of the top marketing specialists, we believe LongTailPro has all the capability to challenge any niche that is underperforming in selling your product/service to relevant prospects.

Originally created by Spencer Haws of, the software evolved and went through a countless number of minor and major fixes. When Spencer was asked why he built it, he responded that he wanted to avoid the hassle of going through a manual way to find out the right keywords for his blogging practices.

As a result, he created LongTailPro, a tool that can assist him in finding the right terms by studying a variety of metrics.

Over time, the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool added a remarkable feature called the KC (Keyword Competitiveness). And KC is what got Long Tail Pro its big breakthrough.

It set the pioneering foundation for the tool to begin its journey as being the first of its kind in the market.


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LTP: The Sign-Up Process

If you want to get the tool, you will first have to sign-up for it. Behold! Though, if you don’t have your credit card details ready, you might not be able to sign up for the free trial, unfortunately.

But, don’t worry! Long Tail Pro doesn’t charge you for anything until the 7-days have passed. If you do not wish to continue with a paid membership, you can remove your credit card information from the platform at any time.

You don’t have to think twice.




So, here’s what the sign-up screen would look like when you will initially visit the platform. We think it’s pretty transparent. They have listed some of the key services to grab your attention.

Click here, and fill up all your personal information and start your free trial. Get 30% off when you sign up with this link and we’ll make some referral commission for our efforts.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with us getting any referral commission for this review, then feel free to head over to the LongTailPro website and sign up for a free trial. 

Once, you have added all the details, clicking the next button will give you access to the LongTailPro tool.

To remind you again, you don’t have to worry about them charging you with anything at the moment. They are a well-trusted company, and not a scam.

You get a 7-day FREE trial which keeps you off the hook until your trial days gets expired.



LongTailPro Tutorial: First Look on the Inside

If it’s your first time using LongTailPro, this section will be helpful for you to get a peek into how the LTP dashboard looks. Its one of the most simple tools to use, and (as you can see below) is pretty user-friendly and self-explanatory.

You just need to spend some time with the tool and work your way through to get acquainted and get up-to-speed in no time.

And by the way, you also get a support assistant with your LongTailPro subscription. In our case, it is Heather. But the support assistant may keep changing based on their availability and timings.

If there is something about LongTailPro, or generally around your keyword research, which you don’t understand, then you can reach out to your support assistant from the live chat option on the bottom-right.

Although, the tool is pretty straightforward, with simple instructions to follow, having a little support every once in a while is always helpful.




LongTailPro Dashboard

A small text area at the top invites you to type in your keywords your choice. You can select a country you’re looking for results in, and the search suggestions you are looking for. You can even set the search volume for the keyword suggestions that the tool will extract for you.

Then, just hit the search button to display your keyword suggestions and results. The results will extract related keywords illustrating a number of different metrics including the search volume, average cost, and KC.

KC is a very important metric to help you determine whether a specific keyword is easier to rank for or not. More about KC later.




On the dashboard, there are two basic tabs:

  1. Google AdWords Suggestion
  2. Manual Keyword Entry

Most often, you would want to opt-in for the Google Adwords Suggestion, as it will save you a lot of time. It will also give you tons of related keyword ideas.

You will not have to get into the nitty-gritty of manual keyword research. However, manual keyword research is a good option when you have a long list of keywords that you want to extract information on.

Right next to the Seed Keywords option, you can find the Suggestions per keyword. This option enables you to set a number. Let’s say, you choose 20 (that’s the default setting).

Now when you manually add a specific seed keyword in the search bar and hit the retrieve button; the Longtail Pro keyword research tool will automatically show you 20 different related keyword options with a number of different metrics.


The Keyword Research Results

Below, is an image that helps you to understand how the results are displayed under the search and retrieve sections in the LTP dashboard. 




You may ask, why are some numbers highlighted vs the others? This is why we are so hooked on to LongTailPro for our long tail keyword researches. At the top of every keyword group (you can think of this as a folder by which you can cluster different keyword researches), you can add your website’s URL.


Adding Your Domain to Customize Keyword Suggestions

You can also add a domain to improve your search suggestions. This feature can help you to analyze the keyword competitiveness of a particular domain.




You can provide your current domain URL in order to analyze how the keyword is performing on your particular domain. Or you can simply choose any other domain of your choice (hint hint: use a competitor’s domain to see how well they are doing).


Understanding Keyword Competitiveness (KC)

LongTailPro will instantly analyze it and assigns a KC (keyword competitiveness) value range for your domain. LTP then automatically highlights keywords in your research in green and yellow, if they fall within the KC value range of your domain.

This makes it easy and helps users to quickly identify keywords that are in the green zone (easiest to rank for), and the yellow zone (possible to rank for) as being the most attractive ones to plan content after.

Based on what LongTailPro explain to its users is that the KC values which are in the green zone, are more probable to rank for because the competition for these keywords is low.


Selecting a Keyword to Target: Volume vs KC

Based on our experience, we think choosing the ones which are green, yellow and are in the late 20s can have a significant impact in driving search traffic.

We personally like to use a combination of KC and volume when using LongTailPro. For example, the keyword “best fly fishing rods 2016” is a very attractive keyword if we look at the KC of 21 in isolation.




But is it worth investing time and energy into focusing on a keyword that doesn’t have enough search volume? Not really.

Instead, we would use a combination of KC and volume and determine “best flying fishing rods” as a more attractive keyword to focus on.

Why? Because it has significant search volume. And even though its KC is on the higher side of the yellow zone, this keyword has a higher potential of ranking in search results to bring in organic traffic.



Setting Rank Value

Another important metric that we wish to bring to your attention here is Rank Value. Rank Value is basically the estimated monthly value of ranking a bid. It is calculated using the Google suggested bid and analyzing the click-through rate of a keyword.



This helps in estimating and forecasting your revenues and/or costs if you make money by generating traffic and advertising on your website, or through affiliate marketing. It can be customized in accordance with Google Adwords or Amazon Affiliate as per your choice. It’s a pretty neat option.



Using Filters in LongTailPro

Last but not the least, Filters. Filters are a great option which can help you customize your keyword research results. There are plenty of options to tweak around with, for instance, you can choose to display some important keywords but exclude unwanted keywords from the list.

You can also set KC and volume values and attributes in order to make your search outcomes more relevant.



Also, there is a customize and export option located in the top right corner of the screen. The CUSTOMIZE option allows you to remove certain metrics in order to make the search feature more compatible with your settings.

The EXPORT option allows you to export the search results to your desktop so you can learn a bit more about them.


The Rank Tracker Results

Another interesting addon (and a cool feature) that really sets the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool apart from other similar keyword research tool is the rank tracker option. By using the Rank Tracker Keyword research tool, you can easily track the rankings of specific URLs based on your desired keywords.




Even though some SEO experts might not consider LongTailPro as strong a keyword research tool as SEMRush; but what makes it strong is the simplicity that it offers. It gets most of your keyword research and rank tracking done by saving a good enough time on your clock.



Additional LongTailPro Perk: Video Tutorials

Now, in this Long Tail Pro review, I am going to do a quick roundup. If you feel you need to learn more about the tool you have nothing to worry about. Long Tail Pro offers its users a complete video tutorial library based on a 14 lessons program. 

It’s great if you want to understand how it works in detail.


The Downside

Long Tail Pro is without a doubt an excellent keyword research tool for low competition keywords, but it has its fair share of disadvantages. The only disadvantage we’ve felt while using this keyword research tool was the limitation on numbers. With Long Tail Pro:

  • You can only search 10,000 keywords a month
  • Limit of tracking keywords for 2 URLs
  • Option to only track 30 keywords in total

While, the tool is quite handy and user-friendly to use, but its monthly limitation might put it at a disadvantage form some individuals and businesses.

For us, there have been months when 10,000 keywords have been a lot, especially if remain focused in our approach. But there have been a few months where we felt exploratory and exhausted our 10,000 limit half-way into those months.


Would You Like Anything Else Covered in This Long Tail Pro Review?

If you are an SEO expert (or a keyword analyst) we are sure you wouldn’t rely on a single keyword research tool. And if you’re unsure if LTP is a tool that you subscribe to or not, we highly recommend you to give it a try.

The best part about having LongTailPro in your arsenal of SEO tools is the simplicity it has to offer, the KC factor, and great filtering options. All of these features combined can get you good results. In fact, better than some of the publicly known tools on the market.

To us, Long Tail Pro is a great keyword research tool, and it has helped us deliver our targets (though sometimes we wish they had no limitation the number of keywords you could extract).

However, if you know your market niche and you know your competitors well, this tool works like fire on ice. If you haven’t considered testing it yet, now might just be the time. Sign Up at Long Tail Pro and 30% Off Regular Price.


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