A resume is a document of a person’s qualifications, background, and personal information. Resumes are usually used for getting new jobs. It is a requirement of the employers to see their employees’ resumés to access them. This allows them to select the best person out of all the applications. Looking at a few resume objective examples can help you understand how you need to craft it.

Resume Objective: The purpose

Now, resumé objectives are a few lines from the applicant to notify the employer why is he/she applying for the job? What his objectives are that can find fulfillment by the job? And why is he a good fit for the job he is applying for? Most of the employers treat these resume objective statements as their central focus of giving the job. Moreover, this objective statement is usually right at the start of the resumé and makes the first impression in the reader’s mind. So, as you may get to hear “the first impression is the last impression”, you would seriously want to give out an impressive first impression. It is also to be noted that resumé objectives are not mandatory in resumés; you can mention it, however, to give a good impression and help you further in getting the job.

Resume objective examples

There are several resume objective examples. They depend upon the person’s profession, liking and, of course, what he wants to become in the future. Some of the resume objective examples are as follows:“To grow my career by giving my best at a well-known organization which cares about me and utilizes my communication, leading and accounting skills efficiently and benefits from them”. This is one of the very apt resumé objective examples. You can clearly see that the applicant is trying to notify that he has the communication, leading and accounting skills. And he wants to use and benefit the company in just one condition. The company must give him value for his expertise and skills.

Example 1

“Want to benefit the society by offering my medical field’s services to a Non-profit organization (NPO).  I place immense value on an animal’s lives and want to save them”. Here, the applicant is applying for a job position at a Non-profit organization (NPO). He explicitly writes about his/her medical field’s specialty. The applicant is expressing his own positivity. Likewise, he is also praising the NPO for doing such a noble work of saving animals’ lives. This praising of organization can help him a lot. The employer can see how much the employee cares about the organization and the lives of animals. Moreover, it gives a pretty good first impression. Consequently, it can be seen that the applicant’s objectives are quite similar to the organization’s objectives: both the parties care about animals’ lives.

Example 2

“To become the best corporate lawyer the city has ever seen by using my evaluative, communication and law skills”. Here, the applicant is clearly applying to a law firm where he wants to practice corporate law and wants to excel in it. Now, firms will want to hire such passionate workers. The chances of such applicants in getting the job increases. However, this objective example will not be considered as one of the best resumé objective examples because of one reason: the exaggeration. The term “the best corporate lawyer the city has ever seen” is a bit of an exaggeration. Mainly because it is much of a subjective matter. Moreover, it might even trigger the employer who is reviewing the resumé, because he may think the applicant as overconfident.

Example 3

“Want to create something new and innovative for the world and move the people away from old technology”. This objective statement can be of a person who is applying for a job at a technology based company (for example Google, Apple etc.). The desire and the passion to create something new can impress the employers because that is what they always want to do. Each technology-based company wants to create something new and get a competitive edge over its competitors; bringing a change to technology is what they are looking for. This objective statement can give a good first impression to the people who review the resumé.

Example 4

“Want to nurture children in a way that they become confident and honest leaders for tomorrow. Want to teach to give knowledge; not for grades”. The objective statement mentioned here is from a teacher maybe applying to teach in a school. It involves the social concern of the applicant too as he/she mentions in the resumé that they want to teach to give knowledge and not just for the sake of grades. The objective statement example is one of the best resumé objective examples and, hence can impress the employers too, because of the positive goals of the applicant.

Example 5

“I like interacting with kids. I want to give these kids a feeling of home by using my communication skills and sheer love”. This is one of the most efficient resume objective examples as the applicant has given his objectives quite explicitly. The applicant seems to be applying as a caretaker for children at an orphanage. The applicant has been successful in using emotions in his/her objective statement, especially in the term “sheer love”. Moreover, once again, the applicant has shown their social concern in the objective statement as he/she wants to give the kids a home like feeling. As the objectives of the applicant are similar to the goals of the organization, the applicant has a higher chance of being chosen for the job.

These were some of the best resume objective examples and most of them were extremely well-constructed and impactful. It is to be remembered that meeting the goals of the organization where you are applying is always helpful because companies want to hire people who can work for them with dedication and passion. Adding to this, adding a bit of social concern to your objective will always help because people and companies are getting more and more socially responsible day by day.


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