There are tons of pros and cons of videos games. And if you are a video game buff yourself, or know someone who is, it’s great to understand how it effects you.

Believe it or not, video games have an impact on you. A lot of this has to do with letting the positives impact you, and staying away from the negatives.

Video games are something everyone likes no matter how old they are.



Pros And Cons Of Video Games

In today’s era, you’ll see a toddler playing games on a mobile phone (learn about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones), a teenager or an adult playing games on their console, and even elders glued to their smartphones trying to get that cross word puzzle.

Most of people involved in playing video games justify it by saying that video games have a lot of pros. And we agree to that. But in this post, we’ll not only discuss the advantages of video games, but shed some light on the disadvantages of playing video games too.

Advantages of Video Games

So if you’re only here to convince your parents about the advantages of video games, here are a number of them for you to support your argument(s) to convince them.


Release Stress

Tired of studying or working all day? Play games! One releasing stress. Gaming helps the mind to get a good adrenaline rush which reduces stress. A person stays happy and finds him or herself at ease after going through a good gaming session on your console, or while heading back home on the subway.


Ability To Make Strategies

Video games also teach the players how to take the right approaches and build strategies in very less time. That’s one of the best skills on the list of soft-skills to have on your resume.

This improves the technical skills of a person and helps them make better decisions in real life as well. The skill and ability to make quicker decisions is also an outcome of playing video games regularly.



Not Giving Up

Gaming actually helps in improving the morale of a person. Many people often quit in real life at many stages and can’t progress ahead. Video games teach a person the opposite. Even after many tries, a person does not give up and keeps trying to win the game.

That can also be a negative if that person gets obsessed with winning all the time, but we’ll stick with the advantages of video games at this point.


Improved Visual Skills

A research team has proved this that playing video games enhances the visual abilities of a person. A gamer can detect sudden movements in a much better way compared to an average person. Also, it assists in better driving at night.


Aids In Learning

Unexpected, but true! Video games can helps players in education and learning as well. If video games are not played excessively, they do bring vital benefits to education.

Now a days, you can find many educational games on any device.


Disadvantages of Video Games

So we’ve talked about the good stuff. Advantages of video games that can help you convince your parents to let you keep playing. But let’s start taking responsibility of our lives, shall we? Below are the disadvantages of video games that can derail your life.

With great power, comes great responsibility… eh? Be careful in how much you indulge in the fictional world of video games.



Video games are known to make you lazy and tired. Once you start playing them excessively, you become a couch potato which makes you feel tired all the time.



Video games also make a person insomniac. You do become tired, but you are not able to have a right sleep. Research says that a player who plays video games excessively actually hears and feels the sounds and the thrill, even hours after he or she has stopped playing the game.


Messed Up Routines

You play games too much, and you end up messing with your routine. It is often seen that a person who plays video games is often late and does not have a proper schedule that he or she can stick by.

Sleeping late and waking up late disturbs the whole day’s schedule, and eventually their life.


Lack Of Physical Exercise

One who plays excessive video games gets lazy and does not indulge in any physical activity. This brings harm to the body as well. It weakens out the bones, and the muscles do not expand as well.

The immune system of the body also slows down, which is again a significant disadvantage of video games.



Lastly, we have force as one of the significant drawbacks of gaming. Many crimes are often reported in which the criminal has been a gamer. The disadvantage of gaming is that after seeing so many violent scenes, there is a significant effect on the person’s mind as well. According to a CNN report, an 18 years old gunman killed nine people in Germany, and he was a fan of first-person shooter video game.


Conclusion: Advantages & Disadvantages of Video Games

Well, video games are probably a great way of enjoyment and entertainment. If not played excessively, video games can also bring out many positive results for the person’s mind and health.

If video games are played too much, they can lead to disastrous effects on the human body and a person’s overall health (interested in some healthcare slogans?). So make sure, you have a balance in playing video games.


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